Seasonal Experiences

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and so is the desire to shop! The National Retail Federation says consumers will spend near-record £650 million on Valentine’s Day. Find below how to use ODICCI for your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

Instant Wins

Create a Valentine’s Day wheel of fortune, jackpot or a digital scratch card for your customers. Generate more leads, expand your email list and increase online traffic with our interactive experiences. Integrate your offers, gifts, prizes with your preferred e-Commerce platform to track online conversions.


Use our movie quiz template or create a new quiz for your audience. To make your experiences even more interactive use video or moving GIFS. The quiz is also the perfect module to collect Zero-Party Data from your audience and create special experiences for your customers throughout the whole year.


Select one of our games to drive engagement, acquisition and boost your online conversions. With the Odicci studio and our pre-configured templates you can create a marketing game in just a few clicks, no coding skills required.


Use our creative studio to bring your interactive experiences to life. Choose a colour scheme and interact with your customers. Upload your logo and background to make the finishing touches.


In this section, you can create your own form to collect data from your customers. You can create text fields, drop-downs, date fields and many more. Also, we have a captcha integrated to prevent spam.


Configure prizes and gifts with discounts as well as vouchers with your e-commerce website. Upload prize images for your experience and link it to an individual email campaign and notify winners.


You can integrate ODICCI into your website, social media or e-commerce platform. What is more, you can automatically transfer captured data into your CRM or marketing platform.