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The importance of welcome emails

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After looking at a large number of e-commerce websites using Magento, we discovered that most of them are using this basic template for welcome emails, newsletter subscription confirmation and newsletter un-subscription confirmation.


Changing a logo here and there is easy and does not take much time or resources, but in the end it delivers the same: low engagement and low sales.

One of the most important aspects of such emails is that they act as a bridge between your customer and your brand.

If these are strong and show credibility, then the customer relationship will be built on a basis of trust. If not, most of us risk losing customers before even getting the chance to convert them.


How many of us have received a newsletter confirmation email that looks like this?

For an excited customer that is eager to connect with your brand in the online environment and has taken the time and effort to provide you with his personal details such as their email address, this is not the best experience.

Your welcome email is a customer touch-point that communicates the brand to your audience.


Out of respect for your brand and for your customers you should strive to optimise every touch-point.

By optimising this customer touch-point, you immediately engage with your customers and build a meaningful relationship based on trust and loyalty from the start.

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