Increasing database and sales for Mi&Co [CASE STUDY]


mi & co

Mi&Co wanted to connect with and engage their customers with an interactive promotion during the busy summer months to increase their database and their sales.

Mi & Co worked with ODICCI to create a scratch card campaign with unique codes, that were given to customers at the point of purchase. The scratch the card and revealed whether the participant had won something, but does not tell them what.

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Hawkin’s Bazaar [CASE STUDY]

91% newly acquired email addresses and 88% customer retention

Hawkin’s Bazaar (visit here) is a novelty gift and toy shop chain based in the United Kingdom offering a unique range of toys, gifts, gadgets and curiosities.

Millions of transactions take place every year yet very little information is gathered from customers passing through Hawkin’s Bazaar stores. By implementing a customer engagement programme, Hawkin’s Bazaar looked to grow their existing email marketing database exponentially and drive local sales.

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6 ways to increase your email database

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1. Make it easy to become a subscriber on your website. Try to avoid long webforms with multiple questions, make it simple and fast.

2. Engage with your customers offline and give them the opportunity to register easily to leave their details and register to your newsletter.

3. Arrange a competition with an incentive for participants to involve their friends. Use social sharing tactics to register additional customers to your database.

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