Not You’re Average Refer-a-Friend Program!

Your Customers Will Love to Share It!

Odicci is revolutionizing the way your customers are looking at refer-a-friend programs.  Odicci’s allows you to combine any referral campaign with a memorable game or reveal marketing experience to boost engagement.


Satisfied customers & gamification can be your strongest marketing tool. 

Fun and interactive experiences included 

Customisable refer-a-friend program for optimal branding

Simple set up – no coding skills required

Real-time reporting dashboard


1. Provide exclusive rewards

Provide exclusive rewards and offers as an incentive for customers to rack up more referrals. Odicci’s refer-a-friend program can be published via multiple channels: email, pop-up, microsite or social media.

2. Encourage sharing

Encourage customers to share the love – Satisfied customers then have the opportunity to make a referral by email, sharing on social media, or sending a custom link.

Customers are encouraged to share the offer with multiple friends, so you gain more data.

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3. Receive gamified promotions

Friends receive a personalised, interactive promotion letting them know who referred them to your brand and can click their way to your website to use the offer.

Customers are more likely to purchase from a business when they are referred by someone they know and are more valuable as they already have a positive view of your company.

Refer-a-Friend Benefits

Refer-a-Friend programs identify your targets for you, helping you save time and money on customer acquisition. They are also influential across the buying cycle – pre-purchase through a newsletter, during a purchase through a pop-up, or post-purchase through an order confirmation.  


Don’t wait!

Let your customers share the love with Odicci’s refer-a-friend program.