Gamification As A Service

Customisable gamification solutions can be seamlessly incorporated into your marketing strategy, boosting user participation and loyalty without in-house development. This service-oriented model makes gamification more accessible and scalable, allowing enterprises to benefit from the powerful psychological and behavioural incentives of games.


Average completion rate

Benefit from high engagement and
strong completion rates.


Higher conversion rates

Create memorable interactive
experiences that shoppers love.


Increase in AOV

Increase average order value,
boost sales, profit and revenue faster.

Platform Features

Rewards, Quizzes, Games & Advocacy experiences. Give your brand the power and
flexibility to create, design, and launch gamified experiences in just a few minutes. 

Seamlessly Set Up Your Experiences

Create experiences effortlessly, with zero coding skills. Choose from a library of 150+ pre-configured templates to create omnichannel interactive experience’s that will drive engagement and loyalty while enriching your customer data.

Enterprise clients from all around the world launch experiences with Odicci. Our client Asda has reported that nearly 50% of their sales can be tracked back to the Asda Rewards app, on which they have launched multiple gamification experiences with Odicci. 

Easy Interactive Studio

The possibilities with Odicci’s interactive studio are endless. Our gamification platform lets you manage and customise all of your interactive marketing experiences in one place, giving you access to rewards, games, quiz and advocacy experiences. 

You can create an interactive quiz on your website, run a giveaway on your app, launch a spin to win in store… you choose! All our clients surprise ands delight their target audience with a fun and rewarding customer journey. 

Consolidate Your Tech Stack With Integrations

Take your interactive experiences to the next level by integrating your email and e-commerce platforms with Odicci to track revenue from your campaigns and to have a sleek data transfer.

Due to super sleek API integrations, connecting your email provider or e-commerce provider to the platform can be completed in minutes – saving you time and money.

Multilingual Experiences

Create experiences that can run on multiple markets at the same time, allowing users to participate in any language from around the world. 

Odicci’s handy features such as our Locale Flag Feature enable your customers to select their preferred language with ease. It doesn’t matter if someone is Spanish, Portuguese, French, anyone can enjoy Odicci experiences. 

Analyse Your Results

Review and analyse your results in real time. The ODICCI reporting interface gives you an immediate overview of the success of your data collection programme.

Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs, slice and dice data with filters and download results with a variety of export options. Get the most out of your data and act faster.

150+ Templates Library

The Interactive Marketing Hub is regularly updated with pre-configured templates for Quizzes, Games, Rewards and Advocacy experiences, with 150+ options available to choose from. 

Our template library enables you to be able to create and launch your experiences in minutes, meaning your brand can constantly engage your audience and stand out from competition. 

Online or Offline

Odicci is a omnichannel solution, enabling you to publish interactive experiences online and/or offline.

Launch your experiences on your website, in your emails or in your social media campaigns and elevate your customer engagement to a whole new level. Offline experiences can be activated in-store, during events or simply through a direct marketing campaign. Major retailers have been using this approach to close the gap between offline and online, including our client Hotel Chocolat, who have launched their ‘Find Your Chocolate Love Match’ in-store via interactive screens, achieving a +165% Conversion rate increase. 

High Standard Data Security

Every Odicci experiences keeps the data you collect as safe as possible.   We maintain important practices such as data transmission, logging, storage access controls operations, tracking of threats, and continuous improvement.

Our platform has the highest standards of information security and data protection and is ISO27001 certified.You can trust that Odicci will have your back. 

Your are in good company

ODDICI is built on features that provide brands the power and
flexibility to create, design, and launch—in minutes, not months.