ODICCI is a modular customer engagement platform that empowers marketeers to build stronger relationships with new and existing customers. With ODICCI you can build interactive experiences for data capture and data enrichment and develop a loyal customer base as a result. ODICCI can be implemented in e-Commerce or as an OmniChannel solution.


Engage your audience with fun and interactive experiences online and/or offline / online.


Enrich customer insights thanks to swipe surveys or dynamic profiling experiences.


Measure customer value on a recency, frequency, monetary model and predict future lifetime value.


Interactive Experiences to Acquire Customer Data

Create mind-blowing experiences
Keep customers coming back by being creative and offer unique experiences that cannot be match elsewhere.

Interactive Experiences
Build interactive experiences to better engage with your audience. Reveal marketing, Seasonal experiences, Swipe surveys, Offline scratch cards, …

Setup and Configure our games (jackpot, wheel of fortune, quizz, …) with your own branding, prizes.


The clarity and confidence you need to act on your data

Collect instant feedback at the point of interaction using swipe surveys or dynamic profiling experiences and enrich customer insights.

Increase engagement with personalized experiences that leverage real-time information,

Test and Learn
Optimize any aspect of your campaign by experimenting and iterating over time.


The power to drive positive change for your business

Your Customer Data in ONE place
Establish a single source of truth with a platform built to ingest an infinite number of data points from any system.

Customer Scoring
Measure customer value on a recency, frequency, monetary model and predict future lifetime value.

Decision Engine
Your customer’s actions – or inactions – trigger engagements that help manage churn, build loyalty, and optimize value.