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UK based marketing automation provider helping its users create personalised messages across multiple channels, in minutes.

Boost Engagement

With RedEye and The Interactive Marketing Hub, you can use our experiences to engage and retain your target audience, contributing to the overall success and growth of your brand.

Increase Sales Conversions

Work with Odicci and RedEye to form a marketing strategy that will convert into sales and boost your website traffic. Our clients achieve massive increases in revenue, such as FatFace who saw a +259% uplift.

All-In-One Platform

Life is easy with The Interactive Marketing Hub. Consolidate your tech stack with us and have access to quizzes, games, rewards and advocacy experiences. One platform is all you need.

Designed For RedEye

What do you get when you connect a best-in-class marketing automation platform with an easy-to-use interactive experience platform? Engaged customers, a more complete database, and better segmentation.
RedEye x Odicci helps customers leverage gamification to fill the gaps in their database, allowing for more personalised and effective marketing campaigns.

Supercharge Customer Loyalty

This synergy between RedEye and Odicci helps omnichannel retailers maximise ad spend, reduce cost per acquisition, and increase purchase frequency.
As the martech landscape continues to evolve, RedEye x Odicci are working together to redefine the possibilities for their clients using interactive email content – all of which helps to boost customer loyalty.

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