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Over 100,000 companies utilise Klaviyo’s data-centric marketing solutions to establish connections with their customers and achieve growth according to their own preferences. Klaviyo equips all creators with the necessary tools and strategies to gain greater control and take ownership over their product.

Unified customer platform

Klaviyo’s platform integrates all customer data and channels into a centralised location, providing unparalleled speed and efficiency, while also being designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Customer segmentation

Klaviyo simplifies the process of segmenting your customers, enabling you to personalise campaigns by utilising the information that specifically piques their interest.

Campaign personalisation

Through campaign personalisation, customers can actively select their preferred communication methods and determine how they wish to receive information from you.

Designed For Klaviyo

Integrate your experiences with Odicci into your emails effortlessly with Klaviyo and optimise your sales potential through omni-channel campaigns. 

Seamlessly construct personalised marketing campaigns that drive higher engagement and boost revenue, all driven by the wealth of insights from your customer data.

Increase your ROI

By integrating with Klaviyo on the Odicci platform, you can track every click and purchase to optimise your campaigns and increase your revenue. 

Effortlessly create tailored marketing campaigns that amplify engagement and boost revenue, all fueled by the insights derived from your customer data.

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