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Emarsys helps marketers create, launch, and expand personalised campaigns across different channels to achieve business goals. The platform is designed to boost business results by engaging customers through multiple channels.

Leader In Personalisation

Emarsys allow you to provide a personalised customer experience that will not only increase conversion and engagement rates but also provide better customer insights.

Improved Customer Lifecycle

Emarsys customer lifecycle helps you increase customer acquisition and customer retention. It does this by automating customers throughout their journey across all your channels

Drive Loyalty

Through campaign personalisation, customers can actively select their preferred communication methods and determine how they wish to receive information from you.

Designed For Emarsys

Emarsys personalisation engine delivers sophisticated, personalised campaigns across channels in real-time based on what your customer wants and needs.

Work with both Odicci and Emarys to create experiences that collect your relevant first and zero-party data with marketing that excites and engages your audience.

Personalisation That’s About People

With Emarsys, you can deliver individualised content across channels, Use AI to identify priority customer segments and message them in the right way and Measure the revenue impact of personalisation down to the channel and campaign level.

By integrating with Emarsys on the Odicci platform, you can use the data you collect to personalise future experiences and supercharge Customer Engagement and Customer Loyalty. 

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