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Eagle Eye is a leading SaaS technology company enabling retail, travel and hospitality brands to earn the loyalty of their end customers by powering their real-time, omni-channel and personalised consumer marketing activities.

Supercharge Customer Loyalty

Build a loyal fanbase using Odicci’s engaging experiences and Eagle Eyes leading SaaS technology. By providing rewarding and engaging experiences for your customers, your target audience are left feeling looked after.

Increase Sales Conversions

Work with Odicci and Eagle Eye to form a marketing strategy that will convert into sales and boost your website traffic. Asda saw a revenue increase of nearly 50% using Odicci experiences integrated with Eagle Eye.

All-In-One Platform

Life is easy with The Interactive Marketing Hub. Consolidate your tech stack with us and have access to quizzes, games, rewards and advocacy experiences. One platform is all you need.

Designed For EagleEye

Eagle Eye is a cloud-based platform that provides the world’s most flexible and scalable loyalty and promotions capability. More than 750 million personalised offers are executed via the platform every week, and it currently hosts over 200 million individual loyalty members.

With the Odicci platform, you can integrate the Eagle Eye platform into your experiences. This consolidates your tech stack – saving your brand both time and money.

Award-Winning Interactive Experiences

Odicci works with Eagle Eye on experiences with enterprise brands such as Asda – the third biggest supermarket in the UK.

Odicci’s gamified experiences on the Asda Rewards app have contribruted to nearly 50% of Asdas revenue, and their Spin To Win even earned a ‘Most Highly Commended’ Win in The International Loyalty Awards.

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