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Bloomreach specialises in leveraging real-time data and AI to enable the creation of personalised email, SMS, web, and mobile campaigns from a unified platform, empowering businesses to enhance their customer experience to unprecedented levels.

Elevate Your Emails

Improve your email marketing by using Bloomreach’s advanced sorting, visual campaign planning, and smart personalisation with AI. You can do all this while still making sure your emails are delivered successfully.

Market On All Channels

Connect with every customer through their preferred communication channel. Engagement is the only comprehensive solution that simplifies personalised marketing, making it easy to measure and lightning-fast.

Personalise Your Marketing

Engage with your audience where it matters. Tailor the perfect mix of channels for each customer and send them relevant and consistent messages.

Designed For Bloomreach

Integrate your experiences with Odicci into your emails effortlessly with Bloomreach. Optimise your sales potential through omnichannel campaigns. 

Seamlessly construct personalised marketing campaigns that drive higher engagement and boost revenue, all driven by the wealth of insights from your customer data.

Gain Valuable Insights

Sending emails using Bloomreach will give you access to valuable zero and first-party data. 

Make the most of all your data to anticipate your customers’ actions and benefit from every interaction. Gain valuable insights to provide truly personalised experiences.

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