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BigCommerce Cloud

BigCommerce enterprises B2C, B2B, multi-storefront and localisation to grow as big as you want to be. They aim to increase sales and improve the customer experience. With a focus on scalability and flexibility, BigCommerce aims to help businesses of all sizes grow their online sales channels.

Boost Engagement

With BigCommerce and The Interactive Marketing Hub you can use our experiences to engage and retain your target audience, contributing to the overall success and growth of your e-commerce in such a competitive space.

Growth Without limits

Our experiences will elevate your marketing to a whole new level, increasing your engagement, retention, data collection and customer loyalty. With BigCommerce and Odicci on your side, your revenue and AOV will be through the roof.

All-In-One Platform

Life is easy with The Interactive Marketing Hub. Consolidate your tech stack with us and have access to Quizzes, Games, Rewards and Advocacy experiences. One platform is all you need.

Designed For BigCommerce Cloud

Embrace boundless expansion with our platform, designed for ambitious growth. Odicci’s Gamification combined with BigCommerce’s e-commerce solution offers open flexibility, removing proprietary barriers and unlocking limitless potential for your marketing strategy. 

Accelerate Growth

Odicci is an all-in-one platform where all experiences and partner integrations are all in one place, allowing you as a client to consolidate your tech stack and save time and money. BigCommerce are an amazing addition to your too arsenal, providing a comprehensive and powerful solution for accelerating growth and achieving success in e-commerce. 

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