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Magento – leverage transactional emails to generate additional revenue

Blog_Post_MagentoTransactional emails are typically sent automatically and are triggered by an event such as a product purchase, request for information, or a newsletter sign up. With overall open rates averaging greater than 70%, transactional email can be used to improve conversion rates to purchase, cross-sell, or up-sell products, increase web traffic, qualify leads, and provide marketing accountability.


The Magento e-Commerce platform comes pre-loaded with a number of transactional email templates. To reflect your brand and to generate additional sales each transactional email can be customised. Build strong call to actions and entice customers to purchase more through marketing tactics. If your current email marketing platform can support integration with Magento transactional emails, you will be able to leverage deliverability features and advanced reporting functionalities.

There are a large number of transactional emails within Magento below you will find a list of most transactional messages triggered by the Magento platform:

  • Newsletter Subscription Confirmation / Welcome email
  • Newsletter Subscription Success / Newsletter Unsubscribe Success
  • Credit Memo Update / Credit Memo Update for Guest
  • Forgot Admin Password / Forgot Password
  • Gift Registry Sharing / Gift Registry Update
  • Invoice Update / Invoice Update for Guest
  • New Credit Memo / New Credit Memo for Guest
  • New Invoice / New Invoice for Guest
  • New Order / New Order for Guest
  • New Return Merchandise Authorisation – RMA / New RMA for Guest
  • New Shipment / New Shipment for Guest
  • New Account / New Account Confirmation Key / New Account Confirmed/ Remind Password
  • Order Update / Order Update For Guest
  • RMA Admin Comments / RMA Admin Comments for Guest
  • Rewards Points Balance Update / Rewards Points Expiry Warning
  • Send Product to a Friend / Share Wish List
  • Shipment Update / Shipment Update for Guest
  • Store Credit Update
  • Contact Form
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