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How should you build your shopping cart abandonment email?


A very important part of your shopping cart abandonment email is about the ability to deliver a sense of trust, excitement and urgency, enabling a tangible desire to buy your product. If you follow this emotional engagement closely your ability to sell will then go up dramatically. The key components of a good shopping cart abandonment email are sender, subject line, visual reminders of the product(s), personalisation, branding and a clear call to action button.

Compelling sender / subject line

As mentioned previously shopping cart abandonment is about driving sales through a compelling touch. The sender should be branded and recognised as a helping hand, ‘Customer Service’ is a good way to brand your sender. The subject line needs to be short, catchy and trigger an immediate reaction. For example ‘how can we help you?’ – ‘your shopping cart is still with us’.

Clear message about shipping costs

According to Forrester one of the most important reason for abandoning carts are too high costs for shipping and handling. If you are able to address this strong reason for customers to abandon their carts then chances for you to close the sales will be much higher.

Calls to action

Call to actions must be clearly highlighted; view cart, continue shopping, complete your order. The call to action button should be subtle yet strong enough to encourage customers to return to their shopping basket in a seamless way and complete the checkout process

Return Policy

Have a direct link to your return policy can help customers to review it and realize how easy it is to send items back should these not be suitable. Inform customers about the process of buying with you will help them gain trust in your brand.


Show on your shopping cart abandonment email that your site and your payment processes are secured this will help your customers to feel more confident in buying from you.

Customer support

Integrate a strong customer support approach by displaying your customer service phone number or chat service.


Always give the possibility to your customers to unsubscribe from the shopping cart abandonment process without removing them from the existing newsletter database.

Time notification

When sending the shopping cart reminder you can create a level of urgency by letting your customers know that the shopping cart is available for a limited time only.

Picture of one of the products

Have a clear visual about the product left in the abandoned cart, ideally the best-sold product should be the one to show.

Most email service providers will enable you to customize your email messages with the recipient’s first name

dear <>, we are saving your cart for you, <>
Save xx% on your order, <>


Shopping cart abandonment emails should be short and compact; enabling key elements to be visible above the fold in order to increase your click through rates. The text needs to be functional and items displayed clearly. Clear branding, friendly images, simple colour schemes and highly contrasting call to action button will stand out. With these aspects in place you stand a great chance of re-capturing the sale.


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