November 29, 2015 Jacques Prothon

Hawkin’s Bazaar [CASE STUDY]

91% newly acquired email addresses and 88% customer retention

Hawkin’s Bazaar (visit here) is a novelty gift and toy shop chain based in the United Kingdom offering a unique range of toys, gifts, gadgets and curiosities.

Millions of transactions take place every year yet very little information is gathered from customers passing through Hawkin’s Bazaar stores. By implementing a customer engagement programme, Hawkin’s Bazaar looked to grow their existing email marketing database exponentially and drive local sales.

“emocial is increasing the size of our database every day” – G. Aldred, Head of e-Commerce
– Millions of transactions every year and no effective data capture process in place
– Implement a fun and non intrusive data capture concept
– Easily add new stores to the data capture
– Report and analyse the results in real time
– 45% database growth / 25% conversion rate
– 91% newly acquired email addresses
– 40% of customers register outside of store opening hours
– 88% of customers are still in the database after 3 months
– New campaign planned for 2014/2015
– API integration with email marketing platform
– Social media – Facebook integration
For more details watch our video or download the case study.

ODICCI – Hawkin’s Bazaar Case Study from Emocial on Vimeo.

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