Collect actionable customer data and preference insights with interactive experiences that can be published to every digital channel.
Acquire Zero- and First-party data with engaging, value-driven experiences.

Customer Acquisition


Choose from a library of pre-configured templates with an instant win, a game or a quiz to drive engagement and customer acquisition.

Memory, Wheel of Fortune, Jackpot, Scratch cards and many other mechanics are available at your fingertips to engage your audience and collect customer data.

Customer Profiling 


Deliver engaging experiences to collect intents, interests and preferences from your audience.

Select an interactive quiz, a personality test or a tinderesque swipe survey to collect customers insights that will deliver the personalised experience your audience is expecting.

Leading brands build brand loyalty from customer insights thanks to interactive Odicci Experiences.

Product Discovery Quiz


Engage, educate, and empower customers by implementing quiz, product and gift finder experiences to turn searches into conversion.

Your customers are unique, just like your products. Odicci’s platform is designed for online businesses that want to ensure each customer receives individual guidance and support to make purchasing easier.

Referral Marketing 


Empower your customers to share your products and services with family and friends, generating additional conversions from your best customers.

Deliver unique interactive experiences within your Referral programme, monitor key performance indicators, and in real time optimise your referral program to boost brand awareness and drive revenue.

Seasonal Marketing 


Because online traffic can heavily fluctuate according to seasons it is important to capitalise on it and deliver content that is highly engaging and that will drive conversions.

The Odicci platform has a realm of interactive experiences specifically tailored to the big seasonal moments of the year and will help you drive more attention to your product or service and boost your online conversions.

The trick is simple, surprise and delight your audience, be relevant and timely.

Omnichannel Marketing 


Retailers around the world use our platform to engage in-store customers with interactive experiences. Connecting in-store data in real time with their marketing databases.

Thanks to gamified experiences we engage audiences and deliver a seamless experience for customers and stores.

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