May 5, 2020 Victoria Manning

Experience of the Month: Profiler

What is Customer profiling?

Odicci’s Customer profiling module will help you to understand the softer side of your customers, highlighting who they are, what they look like, their interests and wants. This insight will help you to recognise your customer’s characteristics, behaviour and traits. Having a better understanding of your customers, you will also understand what they are interested in and in turn be able to communicate in a more effective and personalised way.

Paperchase launched their Colour Crush Profiler experience which achieved a 50% participation rate with a 21% opt in rate to receive future communications from the brand.

So is this  Zero Party Data collection?

In short yes…a recent marketing buzz word that describes any data that a customer proactively and deliberately shares with a brand or organisation which differs from first-party data collection as it provides organisations  with explicit consumer preferences, rather than implied preferences (that are typically generated from a brands interactions with a consumer)

Essentially, zero party data aligns with  the customers desire for personalisation, as it enables  them to proactively state what they want from a brand in exchange for their personal information. It gives organisations greater insights into the customer’s needs, interests and intent – unlike first-party data which can only offer insight generated from purchase history  basic facts like date of birth.

What is the commercial opportunity and how will it benefit me?

The odicci profiler is designed to collect enriched data in a fun and engaging way that can be used for future customer targeting, furthermore coupled with a commercial proposition you can present tailored offers to your customers based upon their personas collected during the process, for example Benefit Cosmetics Profiler added a ‘shop now’ CTA at the end of the experience and achieved a 20% increase in basket value when compared to the previous month. 

Contact the odicci team today to find out how the Profiler can be your tool of choice for zero party data collection and to get personal with your customers… Reach out to [email protected] for more information.