April 4, 2018 Jacques Prothon

Does gamification really work? – A surefire way of boosting your sales

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Are you looking to increase your sales and customer engagement? Drive sales from existing customers? If you feel like your current method of interacting with customers and acquiring them isn’t engaging and not successful enough look no further! In this post we provide you with a basic grasp on gamification and how you can harvest it’s potential to effortlessly augment your services.

In recent years gamification has been a trending and hyped topic, as a way of exceptional support for user engagement and a great enhancement for customer experience. It has been rumoured as a means of increasing user activity and social interactions. This is mostly due to its intrinsically motivating nature, by giving a “gameful” experience, hence the name gamification. Its goal is to further desired behaviours by invoking a psychological experience, just like games do.


The future of customer engagement?

It is regarded by many as a next generation method for marketing and customer engagement. In 2014 Hamari, Kivisto and Sarsa conducted a literature review into the effects of gamifications, whether they are actually present in the findings of more than 8000+ studies. According to their results, gamification does have positive effects and benefits. They also found that removing gamification might have detrimental effects.

Furthermore positive experiences from gamification on engagement and enjoyment were reported in all of the studies. The results also hold important implications for crucial marketing metrics, that largely pertain to an increase in quality of the service and user activity.


Context matters, but don’t worry we can help!

Does gamification work?, the literature review suggests that, indeed, gamification does work. It is important to note however, that the examined studies on gamification and motivation suggest that the context of the service might be an essential precedent for engaging gamification.

Hamari (2013) suggested that for some businesses, such as e-commerce companies, it might prove to be challenging to gamify their systems, as the users could be geared towards optimising economic exchanges. We at ODICCI can provide you with an easy-to-use platform to create gamified experiences, that was created with the consumer needs and expectations in mind.


Implications for managers

What does it mean for your company? Don’t fall behind your competitors and provide an outstanding encounter for your buyers. It is empirically proven that upgrading your business and providing a more gamified impression can and will drive you more sales.

ODICCI can help you with adding a gamified layer to your core activity, or assist you in gamifying   your existing systems. Using our expert services you as well can create engaging and appealing content. We can give you the ability to produce a superior customer experience, and aid you in boosting and elevating your sales and customer acquisition.




Hamari, J., Koivisto, J., & Sarsa, H. (2014, January). Does gamification work?–a literature review of empirical studies on gamification. In System Sciences (HICSS), 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 3025-3034). IEEE.


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