Lifestyle Brand boosts conversions and elevates
customer loyalty using always-on gamification

Who are FatFace?

Fatface has been working with Odicci since 2021, utilising gamification as a main driver for Customer Engagement. FatFace is a British lifestyle brand which creates product ranges across women’s, men’s, kids, footwear and accessories. FatFace is a multichannel retailer, with over 180 stores in the UK, and has recently been acquired by Next PLC.

The Challenge?

FatFace was seeking to supercharge sales conversions with a data enrichment strategy. By reaching out to their Customers on a special day like their birthday, they hoped to foster a closer relationship with their target audience. FatFace was able to achieve all of this by using an interactive quiz to collect customer data and a tap-to-reveal experience to engage and retain their target audience.

The Strategy

FatFace implements an always-on ’Tap-To-Reveal’ birthday experience with Odicci’s Interactive Marketing Hub that captures their audience’s attention and fosters elevated Customer Loyalty. Their first step was to collect their target audiences’ date of birth, and then the second step was to use that data to target their customers with email campaigns, resulting in more traffic to their e-commerce website and a supercharge in sales.

What were the results?

FatFace achieved massive increases across all metrics, such as an 855% CTR increase, a 259% increase in revenue and a 20% open rate uplift! This experience highlighted the power behind value exchange with brands & Customers, helping FatFace to gain a reputation as a brand that knows their customers well and looks after them. Gamification will bring your marketing strategy to the next level, make sure to request a demo today so you dont miss out. 

Campaign in Detail


FatFace utilises Odicci’s Interactive Marketing Hub to engage and retain their audience whilst simultaneously enriching their Zero- and First-Party data collection. By using quizzes, games, rewards and advocacy experiences, FatFace are able to face their challenges head on and improve sales conversions, customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Tap To Reveal: Engaging Customers On Their Special Day

FatFace’s Always-On Tap To Reveal Birthday experience has done wonders for their Customer Loyalty and Revenue. This experience targets their target audience via email and rewards them with a 10% discount for completing the tap-to-reveal. Combining gamification and rewards as incentives for Customers can create a more engaging, motivating, and satisfying shopping experience, ultimately driving sales and fostering Customer Loyalty. By providing an incentive for Customers to go to their website and shop their products, FatFace saw a revenue increase of 259%, a direct result of FatFace providing a constant, engaging experience for Customers.

By integrating always-on experiences into their Customer Loyalty strategy, FatFace can enhance engagement, Customer retention and acquisition. An Always-On experience has provided FatFace with a tool that is constantly engaging and retaining both new and pre-existing Customers, meaning they don’t have to lift a finger whilst they watch their revenue continue to increase.

Engaging Customers through gamification fosters a sense of loyalty towards the brand. When consumers have fun interacting with a brand’s gamified experiences, they are more likely to return for future purchases and remain loyal Customers. With the combination of a rewards incentive and a fun, engaging Customer journey, FatFace’s Customers now feel catered to and looked after.

Enriching First-Party Data Collection

There’s a reason the always-on birthday experience was so successful. Before launching their tap-to-reveal experience, FatFace first collected First-Party Data from their audience by using an interactive experience that was sent via email to customers once they had made a FatFace account. A full integrated solution with Odicci and SAP enabled Fatface to collect a whopping 245,187 birthdays from this experience, giving them a huge data pool that enabled them to engage and retain their target audience and achieve a 20% open rate uplift.

Utilising first-party data effectively can lead to higher return on investment for marketing campaigns and other initiatives. By targeting audiences more accurately and delivering relevant messages, FatFace now sees higher conversion rates and increased revenue. 

First-party data collection encourages a direct relationship between the brand and its Customers. By engaging with Customers directly and collecting their feedback, FatFace builds trust and loyalty over time, leading to stronger, more meaningful relationships with their target audience. This is especially important when marketing to the Gen Z demographic, who value marketing that considers their wants and needs above all else.

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FatFace’s Always-On birthday experience has been a massive success! FatFace was able to achieve massive increases across all metrics, such as an 855% CTR increase, a 259% increase in revenue and a 20% open rate uplift! Amazing results well suited to such an incredible experience.

Customers loved this experience and in turn led to a boost in website traffic for FatFace as well as a huge elevation in sales. This experience highlighted the power behind value exchange with brands & Customers, helping FatFace to gain a reputation as a brand that knows their customers well and looks after them.

Enriching their First-Party Data has never been easier for FatFace. With Odicci experiences, FatFace has used their data pool to target their audience and reward them based on knowledge such as birthdays or favourite products. Rewards programs attract new Customers who are drawn to the incentives offered and personalised content, expanding FatFace’s customer base and increasing market share.

Our Clients additionally benefit from out of the box Integrations with technology and agency partners. FatFace unlocked the SAP integration which enables them to have a seamless data transfer.

Odicci is an all-in-one platform that enables Clients to unlock value from fully integrated always on and seasonal experiences to surprise and delight their Customers.

By using Odicci’s Always-On features, FatFace will continue to achieve phenomenal results , setting them apart from the competition by creating a fun and memorable customer journey.

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