Ryman increased customer engagement using odicci’s platform.

Were you aware that odicci’s platform allowed Ryman to have their revenue doubled through engaging communications? The user-friendly platform enabled the brand to benefit improved and insightful information from its customers.

Ryman, Odicci, Ometria and Astound Commerce recently got together for a virtual fireside discussion. We discovered how Ryman is currently weathering the storm by focusing on creating great customer experiences with the support of their current agency and technology partners. 

Webinar link: https://pages.ometria.com/webinar/ometria-odicci-ryman/

Ryman’s approach to customer marketing before Covid-19

Phil Turner – Naylor, Head of Marketing at Ryman, told us about their robust email marketing programme focused on product and price, this was the main customer marketing strategy alongside acquisition campaigns to grow the customer database.   

The ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ acquisition campaign hosted by odicci is an interactive and reward based experience that will typically see a higher opt-in rate when compared to traditional signup boxes. Furthermore, 80% participation rate was driven from offline sources.

Luam Mesfun, Customer Success Manager from Ometria explained that segmenting newly acquired customer data via the source of sign up, they were able to deliver truly personalised messaging which has seen a positive response.

How the Covid-19 has impacted the brand’s marketing strategy

With all physical stores having to close, Phil explained that Ryman has had to adapt to a website only business, it was therefore important to ensure the primary objective was to be useful and helpful to their customers.

This was achieved by delivering, timely, relevant and inspired customer communications which provided added value and at times emotionally led content to provide assistance to their customers with setting up their home office, or ideas to help entertain the children with activities  This change of approach has seen revenue attributed to email communications double and interestingly with no incentives provided.

Victoria Manning, Head of Customer Success at Odicci, shared the results from the Personality Profiler, an interactive experience to encourage customer engagement, at the same time collecting valuable zero party data that is now used in the customer welcome programmes that are delivered by Ometria.

Ryman’s future plans for customer engagement

So what next for Ryman and what positives can be taken from this time?

Phil commented that “Customer shopping habits will have changed, probably forever and will need to be nurtured, the brand strategy will be to continue keeping the Customer at the heart of everything we do and thus delivering helpful, inspired personalised comms to drive customers back to Ryman and be their destination of choice’’.

Victoria outlined plans to drive more ‘always on’ experiences to further drive customer retention and the collection of rich customer data that will continue to drive personalised and relevant communications to the Ryman customer database. Luam shared the post-purchase campaign that is soon to be implemented that will be heavily segmented based upon purchase category with the focus to drive repeat purchase.

Final Thoughts

An interesting and topical discussion from Ryman,  a leading UK retailer which has recognised the need to adapt in these fast moving times, to become more resourceful and agile at the same time to ensure a seamless customer experience with consistent brand messaging across all channels.   Our thanks to Phil, Luam and Roxanne for taking part in this webinar.

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odicci expands on ISO27001 certification

Odicci is the first ZERO-Party Data platform to achieve the ISO/IEC27001 certification. It reinforces the commitment to the highest standards of information security and data protection.

Odicci, a leader in interactive customer engagement, today announced that interactive engagement platform was awarded the ISO/IEC27001 certification. 

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification displays that odicci has met the complex international standards in ensuring the privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the entire odicci customer engagement platform.

‘’We know that every customer engagement and data collection decision we make has a security component to it, and our customers and their data is at the forefront.’’ – Jacques Prothon (Odicci CEO)

Odicci’s customer engagement platform enables users to create interactive experiences to build strong relationships and loyalty with new and existing customers. Now with the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we have a compliance commitment to monitor the best practises through repeatable processes including data transmission, logging, storage access controls operations and tracking of threats, and continuous improvement.

We are setting the standard of thriving for the excellence and our strategic investment in maintaining a robust engagement platform and the completion of this internationally recognised certification process illustrates our dedicated commitment to security and the protection of customers data.’’ – Jacques Prothon (Odicci CEO)

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard announced in October 2013 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).The standard guarantees that corporations have established methodologies and a framework of business and IT processes to support identify, manage, and reduce risks.

More information about this standard can be found at https://www.iso.org/isoiec-27001-information-security.html.

Experience of the Month: Profiler

What is Customer profiling?

Odicci’s Customer profiling module will help you to understand the softer side of your customers, highlighting who they are, what they look like, their interests and wants. This insight will help you to recognise your customer’s characteristics, behaviour and traits. Having a better understanding of your customers, you will also understand what they are interested in and in turn be able to communicate in a more effective and personalised way.

Paperchase launched their Colour Crush Profiler experience which achieved a 50% participation rate with a 21% opt in rate to receive future communications from the brand.

So is this  Zero Party Data collection?

In short yes…a recent marketing buzz word that describes any data that a customer proactively and deliberately shares with a brand or organisation which differs from first-party data collection as it provides organisations  with explicit consumer preferences, rather than implied preferences (that are typically generated from a brands interactions with a consumer)

Essentially, zero party data aligns with  the customers desire for personalisation, as it enables  them to proactively state what they want from a brand in exchange for their personal information. It gives organisations greater insights into the customer’s needs, interests and intent – unlike first-party data which can only offer insight generated from purchase history  basic facts like date of birth.

What is the commercial opportunity and how will it benefit me?

The odicci profiler is designed to collect enriched data in a fun and engaging way that can be used for future customer targeting, furthermore coupled with a commercial proposition you can present tailored offers to your customers based upon their personas collected during the process, for example Benefit Cosmetics Profiler added a ‘shop now’ CTA at the end of the experience and achieved a 20% increase in basket value when compared to the previous month. 

Contact the odicci team today to find out how the Profiler can be your tool of choice for zero party data collection and to get personal with your customers… Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Christmas Snow Globe

Reaching customers as they travel through any store is challenging, they are typically focused on their particular objective which may be to buy a particular product, look for a type of gift or just pass through to their next destination.

This is a common challenge that Dufry faces on a daily basis as they want to engage customers while driving sign ups for their RED loyalty programme. Odicci supported Dufry by building a digital snow globe using our “Shake To Reveal” Module as an engagement tool that was relevant to the time of year.

While consumers were passing through a Dufry store they saw multiple communication points promoting the activity all of which drove through to Odicci experience from either a QR Code or directly from the link.

The campaign is running across 17 countries across Eastern Europe and Latin America, with bespoke prizes being claimed at each Dufry store such as vouchers, gifts, perfumes and chocolates.

With the Odicci countdown feature we gave winners a time limit to claim certain prizes to ensure that they picked them up while they were in the store.

Christmas Gift Profiler

Need help finding the perfect gift? We’re here to help.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. But, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. So many options and you want to make sure you buy them a Christmas gift that is going to put a big smile on their face. This should be an easy task, but often brings on unwanted stress.

Here’s where interactive marketing comes into play. Interactive modules like Odicci’s Profiler can help your customers easily find the perfect gift they’re looking for, just by answering some questions on their style, likes, favourite items (the opportunities are endless and completely up to you!). Then, they receive a custom profile based on their responses. Interactive marketing techniques are an increasingly effective way to engage customers and prospects with your brand and capture data.

People’s shopping habits have changed and the number of online shopping purchase in on the rise, especially during the holiday shopping months of November and December. In fact, 25% of all holiday shopping occurs online and 40% of all Christmas sales occur within 15 December and 24 December, with the busiest shopping day being the Saturday before Christmas. Now that you know where your customer’s will be shopping during that time period, you have a great opportunity to be able to connect with them and enrich your customer database.  

The new Profiler module (just launched!) incorporates both data capture and enrichment. Customers are asked a few questions and then a profile is created based on the customer’s responses. The Profiler is a simple and fun way to engage customers and prospects, convert them into leads by providing suggestions, and profiling their interests for future marketing campaigns. The best part is, your customers don’t feel like they’re handing over data, but participating in an enjoyable experience that is giving them actionable results.

How does it work?

  1. Introduction frame to grab attention
  2. Data capture frame – name, email, etc.
  3. Questions to help profile the respondent
  4. Results frame with your profile

The Profiler module isn’t just for Christmas! It can also be used as an evergreen campaign to help you profile your customers all year long. Create the questions and profiles once, and its completely scalable to withstand the test of time.

Interested in learning more about the Profiler? Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Beach Clean Up

Life’s a [Clean] Beach.

To kick off August, the Odicci took some time to get out of London and give back to the environment. We travelled down to Brighton to do some team building with a purpose.

We got together as a team to pick up trash at the beach in Brighton, near the Brighton Palace pier. This beach clean-up was not only a great way to enjoy the outdoors and do a team building activity, but also left a positive vibe among the team from helping reduce pollution in the area.

What exactly is a beach clean-up? It’s essentially a volunteer activity done by anyone from companies, to families, friend groups, local community groups, or anyone looking to make a difference. Volunteers gather to collect trash along coastlines all around the world to help keep beaches clean from materials that could cause harm to the local marine life and the environment – making the beach a nicer and cleaner place for everyone!

Why do it? For humans, being near water can boost creativity, and lower stress and anxiety, but it’s not just us that benefit from it. Marine animals depend on our beaches to be safe and clean so they have a healthy beach ecosystem to live in.

Local Brighton groups like SEA LIFE Brighton, Pier 2 Pier, Brighton & Hove City Council all coordinate frequent beach clean-ups as an opportunity to do large scale cleaning of the beaches. But, as part of Odicci’s ongoing mission to be environmentally friendly, we didn’t want to wait for the next organised beach clean-up in order to help out! So, we grabbed our bin bags and gloves and went out on our own.

Givenchy – Data Collection

To enhance the overall customer experience and help customers connect digitally with the range of feminine and mysterious Givenchy fragrances we implemented an Interactive Store Interface to collect customer data offline and integrate any collected profiles directly with their CRM programme.

Thanks to an intuitive interface together with centralised reporting tools Givenchy managed to boost their acquisition programme. The interface has been deployed in major retail stores and the CRM team increased the size of their database by 200% in 4 months. 

Case Study: Mi&Co

Mi&Co, marca de moda juvenil inspirada en Formentera quiso ofrecer una experiencia divertida a sus clientes en sus 4 tiendas de Barcelona. Miles de transacciones se producían en sus tiendas durante los meses de verano, por lo que la marca se puso en contacto con ODICCI para desarrollar una campaña de captación de datos que conectara con los clientes que pasaran por sus tiendas durante la temporada de verano.


El mecanismo utilizado fueron tarjetas rasca y gana con código único, las cuales fueron entregadas junto con el ticket de compra. Los participantes rascaban la tarjeta y conocían de forma instantánea que habían ganado algo, pero no se les indicaba cual era su premio (viaje a Formentera, Bikinis Gratuitos o descuentos), lo tenían que averiguar ellos mismos.

Usando el código único que aparecía en sus tarjetas, los participantes visitaban la landing page creada desde ODICCI , cuyo URL era www.miandco.es/win . Los participantes introducían su código único y sus datos personales durante la primera secuencia. Una vez que el cliente finalizaba este proceso, el partipante conocía en la última secuencia su premio de forma instantánea. Un email fue enviado a todos los participantes recordándoles cómo podían canjear sus diferentes premios. Todos los datos de los clientes fueron guardados en nuestra plataforma CRM. Mi&Co tuvo acceso a los datos de los clientes en todo momento.



  • Bajo numero de registros
  • Retención de datos en papeñ
  • Proceso manual de los datos retenidos
  • Poca información de los clientes
  • Los vendedores requerían apoyo
  • Clientes no siempre querían registrarse



  • 5.000 tarjetas para la promoción
  • Campaña realizada en 3 tiendas de Barcelona
  • Promoción comunicada en redes sociales
  • Visibiliad de la promoción en la web
  • Comunicación de la campaña en redes sociales
  • Campaña de publicidad en Google Adwords


  • + 40% de los clientes que paso por la tienda participo en la promoción
  • + 25% de los clientes utilizo su descuento


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Case Study: Les Menuires

Les Menuires is a French ski resort, situated in the Savoy region of the Three Valleys. Making use of its stunning surrounding mountains, lakes, and landscapes, the resort hosts many activities such as hiking, fly-fishing, and buggy outings.

The business wanted to capture more data about their customers, but their initial strategy of having staff situated in different parts of the resort asking for information was proving to be unsuccessful. The strategy was partly unsuccessful as there was no incentive and data was poorly captured (wrong email addresses).

We introduced various mechanisms to capture customer data offline and the team of Les Menuires was very keen to use our shake to reveal module combined with a card distributed at point of sale and other parts of the ski resort.

On the card customers would find a unique code that could be entered into an interactive microsite. Les Menuires offered customers a chance to win prizes by shaking their phone, providing that they registered their details together with the unique code to unlock the shake.

Together with the team at Les Menuires we designed the card and microsite. The combination of a unique code printed on cards and the interactive shake to reveal module created a highly engaging experience for the audience of Les Menuires. This interactive experience was available in English and in French with automatic language recognition based on browser language.

Prizes ranged from skis, helmets, ski passes and Roc’n Bob toboggan runs. To spread winning prizes various rules were setup in ODICCI.

Les Menuires during the season distributed 50,000 cards and managed to interact with 10,327 customers – a great result with more than 20% engagement.



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Digital Receipts vs Competitions at Christmas time

Christmas shopping can be the worst thing about the whole season – yes, even worse than the row over who gets control of the TV remote or what time presents should be opened. Would you like batteries? Gift wrapping? Would you like to buy a charity pen with that? ‘Do you have a loyalty card?’ Could I get your email address to send you your receipt? ‘Would you like to register for our newsletter? ‘ No, I want to buy the gift, and then I want to leave.

The process can be tedious enough on a normal day, never mind when there are a mob of frustrated Christmas shoppers going through it one by one. Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailers, but often the data captured doesn’t match the amount of transactions, as stores are too busy to attempt it.

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Are you ready for GDPR?

With less than a year to go, on the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced upon businesses collecting personal data. Failure to comply with the regulation could result in a huge fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover – whichever is highest. Ouch.

So, what exactly does GDPR mean?

GDPR means that businesses will have to integrate many changes. Some changes will be relatively small, like not using opt-out (pre-ticked) boxes to consent. Some changes will be larger, like giving the identity and contact details of the data controller, and in some cases, hiring a Data Protection Officer. Some of the more general requirements of GDPR are to outline the purpose of the data collection, the legal grounds on which it operates, and specification of how long data will be held. The data collector must outline to the individual their right to erase or rectify their personal data, and make clear to them their right to withdraw consent, and to make a complaint.

  • Data controller: Decides how data is processed.
  • Data processor: Maintains records of personal data and processing activities.

The introduction of GDPR means that the top priorities for marketers should be: conduct impact assessments; give individuals more control of their data; and revision of data policies.

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Caso de éxito – Greene King (cadena de restauración) – Campaña Online

Despues de la temporada navideña y pasadas todas las fiestas, los pubs del Reino Unido suelen estar completamente vacios durante el mes de Enero. Para combatir esta situación que provoca una bajada considerable en las ventas, Green King, cadena de pubs más grande del Reino Unido, decidio unirse con ODICCI para crear una campaña que conectase con el cliente y consiguiese que estos visitaran los pubs.

Greene King quiso ofrecer una experiencia divertida que conectara con los clientes con el objetivo de impulsar las ventas de los clientes existentes y obtener nuevos clientes. Conociendo un poco cual era el tipo de cliente que tenian, ayudamos a Greene King a promover la campaña de digital scratch a traves de una campaña de email marketing a toda su base de datos, en donde los clientes rascaban y revelaban diversos premios como comidas gratis, fitbits, cupones de descuento y muchos más.

Los participantes podían incrementar su posibilidad de ganar más premios si compartían la campaña con sus amigos. Esta modalidad provoco que Green King incrementara su base de datos en un 25%. El área de Report de ODICCI , ayudo a Green King a analizar todos los resultados obtenidos en tiempo real.

La campaña fue todo un éxito, logrando el premio a la mejor “Estrategia de marketing Multicanal” en los premios Dotties, organizado por Dotmailer, la agencia lider de email marketing del Reino Unido. Greene King consiguió que 730.000 personas visitaron la microsite, 330,000 personas se registraran en la promoción y un beneficio de 700.000 libras . Ellos tambien incrementaron su imagen de marca y cuóta de mercado. Aquí­ puedes descargar el Case Study completo de Green King.

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Maximise your email marketing this Christmas

Retailers, ideally, you’ve been warming up your subscribers and generating some early holiday sales over the past month or two, but now that Halloween has passed and it’s November, it’s official: Christmas season is here!

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How your business can use social media on Black Friday

Social media is one of the most important aspects to consider on Black Friday. Every business have many deals for this day and your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the perfect way to promote those offers to your customers and drive more sale to your business. Here are 7 ideas to use on Black Friday.

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How technology is changing the retail world

New technology is revolutionising the traditional store concept. We have seen striking progress in technology over the last few years and it is affecting the way customers experience retail.

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Webinar: Maximise your revenue on Black Friday

Are you wondering how many people will be coming to your store this Black Friday? The digital commerce consultancy, Salmon, whose clients include Argos, Sainsbury’s or Selfridges, has predicted that Black Friday will surpass £1bn sales this year so that retailers need to take advantage this opportunity to data capture.

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