A huge mistake almost everyone falls into and an effortless way to avoid it

small monetary gift

Are you following the widely used practice of small financial benefits or monetary gifts to your customers as a token of your gratitude? You might want to rethink your strategy. Read ahead and we will help you not make the same mistake as most of the industry does!

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Why an engaging experience might be worth more to customers than your money


Motivating your customers to fill out your surveys and give you their information can easily feel like a chore to them. Read on to discover how to ease their pain and make them more enthusiastic and willing to engage with your brand.

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Does gamification really work? – A surefire way of boosting your sales

 cute cartoon businessman chasing coins video game style, gamification

Are you looking to increase your sales and customer engagement? Drive sales from existing customers? If you feel like your current method of interacting with customers and acquiring them isn’t engaging and not successful enough look no further! In this post we provide you with a basic grasp on gamification and how you can harvest it’s potential to effortlessly augment your services.

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