September 29, 2017 Jacques Prothon

How we achieved an increase of 319% in survey responses with The Entertainer [CASE STUDY]

The Entertainer originates in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and is the UK’s largest independent toy retailer. With 124 stores, many transactions happen every day, yet little data was being captured until the company partnered with ODICCI to create an engaging offline-online campaign.

Previously, The Entertainer asked for email addresses along with other questions, such as ‘would you like that wrapped?’, ‘do you want batteries?’. In this process The Entertainer wants to be as efficient as possible and avoid the ‘can I have your email address’ question. The Entertainer compared the success of this process with the success of the ODICCI campaign process, and found that their data capture rate increased significantly with ODICCI.

Want to know how we did it? The campaign was created with the incentive for participation of a £250 gift card. Two types of cards were made and distributed in-store – the first type was a scratch card with a unique number. Customers scratched the card and revealed a unique code, which they then registered online with, along with their details to see if they had won. The second type of card had a unique number and no scratch. Again, customers registered online with their code to see if they had won.

We found that the cards containing a scratch had a significantly higher redemption rate than those without, and believe this is because of the increased engagement of reveal marketing. During the data capture process customers are asked to enter their email address and receipt number in order to consolidate transactional data between offline and online. Email addresses are automatically verified and full opt-in.

At the end of this process we added a second chance to win a £50 gift card by asking customers to give their feedback and enter their Net Promoter Score (NPS). This lead to an amazing 300% increase in customer feedback, allowing The Entertainer to better understand their customers.



  • Million of transactions every year and no effective data capture process in place
  • Implement a fun and non intrusive offline data capture concept
  • Easily add new stores to the data capture
  • Report and analyse results in real time


  • Integration of transactional data
  • Profile capture and email verification
  • Scratch cards to reveal
  • In-store distribution tracking of cards using barcodes
  • Weekly reporting to stores


  • Feedback / surveys increased by 270% during trial and 319% during global implementation
  • Captured email address; receipt number and favourite store.
  • Excellent engagement from stores in the data capture process


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