September 29, 2017 Jacques Prothon

Gaining customer insight and £16,256,000 in donations with an interactive survey for British Airways [CASE STUDY]

british airways case study

British Airways (BA) is the largest airline in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year, BA partnered with Comic Relief to create their ‘Flying Start’ campaign. British Airways want to help give children in the communities which they fly to have a brighter future.

British Airways needed a platform where customers could engage with their campaign, and decide how their £200,000 bursary should be distributed across UK and international charities. The four categories were: Domestic and gender-based violence; Homelessness and street children; Employability and education using sport; and HIV and AIDS.

Participants watched a video for each category, detailing its importance to help them make their decision. After this, they chose the category they thought most needed BA’s help. The final screen thanked participants for voting and gave them the opportunity to donate to Flying Start. So far, British Airways have raised £16,256,000. To donate to this brilliant cause, click here.


  • Customer insight and engagement
  • Increase donations


  • Interactive survey
  • Triggered email notifications


  • Customer insight
  • Positive brand image
  • £16,256,000 in donations


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