09/03/2023 Claire Little

Drive Forward Your ESG Commitments with Interactive Experiences

Right now, being sustainable and eco-friendly is of utmost importance for Fashion brands. It is said that four in five UK consumers will boycott apparel brands that fall short in their ESG efforts by 2024.

If you want to generate sales and income, you must prioritise an environmental or social agenda. 

Wheres The Proof?

A study – commissioned by e-commerce growth specialists Quickfire Digital and digital performance marketing experts Climbing Trees – claimed that the main reasons for consumers turning away from brands were Slave Labour practices (49%); wasteful packaging (32%), lack of sustainable materials and fabrics (21%) and not enough variety of sustainable products (21%). Other factors included unsustainable supply chains and delivery options, not demonstrating an approach to carbon off-setting and proactively trying to reduce waste. 

Due to this consumer research, Fashion brands must now come up with ways to complete their eco-friendly missions. Whether that be through marketing campaigns, change of processes or aiming for ESG or B-corp credibility. 

How Does Odicci Come Into All Of This? 

Our easy-to-use interactive marketing hub can be utilised to create marketing campaigns that will promote and help drive forward your ESG or B-corp commitments.   

Odicci provides a single platform that allows marketers to easily create innovative and exciting interactive experiences all in one place. Life is made easier for the marketeer by being able to use one platform and the e-commerce process is made engaging and fun for the customer. 

Our interactive experiences can be used to spread a brand’s sustainability messages in a way that engages and interests consumers. Additionally, they can be integrated into emails or social media – boosting your campaigns even further.

New Look are a perfect example. Recently, they have gone live with an interactive quiz that alerts their customers of their NewLook x Re-Fashion campaign. Users are able to work out if their used clothes are eligible through the quiz and are then directed to the New Look website to order a donation bag. Furthermore, users are also given the opportunity to opt into New Look emails and be in with a chance to win a prize.  Overall – an excellent way of spreading their message and bringing in more donations.

Request a demo and have a look through all our quizzes and games that have made successful e-campaigns for all of our clients. Our experiences are an amazing way to attract new customers, increase customer retention and upgrade your e-commerce game. 

Join top industry brands such as New Look and Hotel Chocolat in boosting your engagement and conversions with our Interactive Marketing Hub.