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Revolutionising Loyalty with Gamification - It's easy with Odicci

In a spectacular recognition of innovative excellence, Odicci has been honoured with the ‘Most Highly Commended’ award for ‘The Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty’ at the 2024 International Loyalty Awards. 

This award was achieved through the outstanding success of the Asda Rewards Gamified Spin-To-Win experience, an experience powered by Odicci’s cutting-edge platform and seamlessly integrated with Eagle Eye.

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Staying ahead requires a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Enter The Interactive Marketing Hub, Odicci’s all-in-one platform filled with Quizzes, Games, Rewards, and Advocacy experiences—the dynamic quartet reshaping the way brands connect with their audience. 

These elements inject vitality into loyalty programs, fostering meaningful interactions that transcend mere transactions. The Asda Rewards Gamified Interactive experience leveraged a variety of gamification techniques to engage customers. 

The platform offers multiple touch points for customers to interact with the brand in a fun and rewarding way.

The seamless integration with Eagle Eye ensured that the gamified experience was not only engaging but also efficient and easy to use. This integration enabled real-time tracking and analytics, allowing for immediate feedback and continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Milestone Achievement in Customer Engagement

The Asda Rewards Gamified Interactive experience stands as a testament to the power of gamification in driving customer loyalty and engagement. By transforming the shopping experience into an engaging and interactive journey, Odicci has demonstrated how gamification can significantly enhance customer interactions and loyalty.

Key Metrics of Success

  • 80% Redemption Rate: The gamified experience achieved an impressive 80% redemption rate, showcasing the high level of customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • 49.5 Million Spins Overall: The interactive elements captivated customers, leading to a staggering 49.5 million spins in total, with a remarkable 5 million spins in the first week alone.
  • 49.3% of Sales Linked to Asda Rewards App: Nearly half of Asda’s sales were linked to the Asda Rewards app, highlighting the effective integration and influence of the gamified experience on customer purchasing behavior.

Driving Loyalty Through Fun and Rewards

By incorporating elements of play and competition, Odicci transformed routine shopping into an exciting adventure. Customers were motivated to engage more deeply with the Asda brand, driven by the potential for immediate rewards and the thrill of the game. This approach not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also fostered a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

Asda Rewards, Loyalty Marketing Example


Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a tried-and-tested strategy for driving sales and fostering long-term relationships. 

With Odicci’s robust rewards platform, marketers can design tailored reward programmes that incentivise desired behaviours, such as repeat purchases, referrals, and social media advocacy.

Whether it’s exclusive discounts, freebies, or VIP perks, enticing rewards motivate customers to engage with the brand and make repeat purchases. By continually delighting customers with valuable incentives, businesses can cultivate a loyal customer base and drive sustainable growth.

Our experience with Asda Rewards was a Spin-To-Win launched on the Asda Rewards app, allowing customers to receive rewards for spending in-store.

With just a simple spin, Customers could add to their cashpot on the app. This boosted both Customer Engagement and Loyalty and led to the Rewards App contributing to nearly 50% of Asda’s sales.

The Road Ahead: Continuing to Innovate

Winning the ‘Most Highly Commended’ award is a significant milestone, but it is only the beginning. Odicci is committed to pushing the boundaries of gamification and customer loyalty. By continuing to innovate and refine their platform, Odicci aims to help more brands create memorable and impactful customer experiences.

The recognition at the 2024 International Loyalty Awards underscores the transformative potential of gamification in enhancing customer loyalty. Odicci’s partnership with Asda and Eagle Eye has set a new standard for interactive and engaging customer experiences. As we look to the future, Odicci remains dedicated to pioneering new ways to connect with customers, ensuring that every shopping experience is not just a transaction but an adventure.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Odicci as they continue to revolutionize the world of customer loyalty through gamification.

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