10 interactive Christmas experiences

Do you hear any jingle bells ringing yet? Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to start preparing for your Christmas marketing campaigns! 

Christmas is one of the highest consumption’s times of the year, making it one of the busiest times of the year for marketers.  

Being such a celebrated time of year, 1 in 10 Brits begin their Christmas shopping as early as July. We did some research to find out how much Brits are spending on gifts over this holiday season (2019).

According to Finder, an average British adult will fork out £512.85 on gifts over the Christmas period. This means that overall the UK is planning to spend £26.9 billion on festive gifts this year. 

10 interactive experiences to boost engagement and increase your conversion rates!


Tap the Christmas Tree

Interactive fun games like spinning wheels are great at grabbing the consumers attention. The experience does not only help you grow your email list, improve conversions, lead capture, and reduce abandoned carts. 


Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is an online calendar with 24 doors, and behind each door, a prize awaits your audience. It can be a discount to your product, giveaways or use of your product. You can even include quizzes and other fun interactive experiences to gain more personalized information.

It helps to boost engagement on social media (you can share updates every day about what is hidden behind each door), it helps generate new leads and grow your email list, promotes your product and boost sales and easily captures key marketing insights.

Swipe The Snow Globe

The swipe experience permits you to interact with your audience in a fun and exciting manner. Capability to think outside of the box enables you to stand out and boosted revenue.

Gift finder

Who doesn’t struggle to find a gift for their mom, dad, sister, brother, or mother-in-law! There is always that one person you just can’t find a gift for. The product recommended is the virtue of a shopping assistant and could come in handy for your audience this Christmas.

The way it works is the customers is asked questions, such as who you are buying a gift for.

Let’s say you said ‘your mom’ the next question could be ‘Does she like to spend her time cooking, doing sports, or building things?’ with a couple of more follow-up questions, the client is led to some product suggestions that fit the answers.

What Christmas character are you? (Profiler)

Personality tests are really good to boost your social media engagement. People love to share their results. You could go for a classic one, asking ‘What Christmas Type are You?’ asking fun questions about how people behave or feel about Christmas.

The personalities given in the end could be adored Christmas characters: The Grinch, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Jack Frost. Alternatively, you can create a Christmas themed personality test about something related to your branding or product.

Christmas Quiz

including a question about the company and a chance to win a prize. If you have more time, you can create a quiz with more questions with a Christmas theme. This fits with the general idea of the quiz, which is perfect, and led to a very strong conversion rate.


Santa’s Helper (Drop Game)

The purpose of the drop game is to introduce your audience to an interactive experience that will bring excitement. Making it easy to focus on the game and lose track of everything else. The Drop experience is an exciting manner to improve loyalty, increase conversions and retention for your brand.

Shake the Christmas Tree


The shake experience provides the perfect platform for interacting with your audience. The unique experience enables your audience to start their journey by associating your brand with fun engagements and this results in lifetime value customers.

Christmas Memory Game

Brands use games memory game feature as an extra tool to advertise their products and service. By the end of the game, the participants will have been exposed to the products quite a few times. The brand awareness of your company will be increased, and the audience will be able to differentiate your products from the competitors.


Christmas Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of fortune experience allows you to interact with your audience in a fun and exciting manner. The experience will help you grow your email list, improve conversions, lead capture, and reduce abandoned carts.

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How is Ryman boosting customer engagement?

Were you aware that odicci’s platform allowed Ryman to have their revenue doubled through customer engagement?

The user-friendly platform enabled the brand to benefit improved and insightful information from its customers. Ryman, Odicci, Ometria and Astound Commerce recently got together for a virtual fireside discussion.

we discovered that the brand is currently weathering the storm by focusing on creating great customer experiences. 

Webinar link: https://pages.ometria.com/webinar/ometria-odicci-ryman/

How did Ryman do customer marketing before Covid-19?

Phil Turner – Naylor, Head of Marketing (Ryman) told us about their robust email marketing programme focused on product and price. This was the main customer marketing strategy alongside acquisition campaigns to grow the customer database.   

The ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ acquisition campaign is an interactive experience that will typically see a higher opt-in rate when compared to traditional signup boxes.

Furthermore, an 80% participation rate was driven from offline sources.

Luam Mesfun, Customer Success Manager from Ometria explained that segmenting newly acquired customer data via the source of sign up. The brand was able to deliver truly personalised messaging with a positive response.

How the Covid-19 has impacted the brand’s marketing strategy

With all physical stores having to close, Phil explained that Ryman has had to adapt to a website only business. It was important to ensure the primary objective was to be useful and helpful to their customers.

This was achieved by delivering timely, relevant and inspired customer communications which provided added value. This change of approach has seen revenue attributed to email communications double and interestingly with no incentives provided.

Victoria Manning, Head of Customer Success at Odicci, shared the results from the Personality Profiler, enabled an interactive experience to encourage customer engagement.

Ryman’s future plans for customer engagement

Customer shopping habits will have changed, probably forever and will need to be nurtured, the brand strategy will be to continue keeping the customer at the heart of everything. Our aim is to be able to be helpful, inspired and personalised comms to drive customers back to Ryman and be their destination of choice’

Phil Turner Head of Marketing (Ryman)

Victoria outlined plans to drive more ‘always on’ experiences to further drive customer retention and the collection of rich customer data. This will continue to drive personalised communications database.

Luam shared the post-purchase campaign that is soon to be implemented that will be heavily segmented based upon purchase category with the focus to drive repeat purchase.

Final Thoughts

An interesting discussion from Ryman, a leading UK retailer which has recognised the need to adapt in these fast-moving times. A seamless customer experience with consistent brand messaging across all channels.  

Our thanks to Phil, Luam and Roxanne for taking part in this webinar.

Want to know more about odicci and how we can support your customer marketing strategies, get in touch at  [email protected]

odicci expands on ISO27001 certification

Odicci is the first ZERO-Party Data platform to achieve ISO27001 certification. It reinforces the commitment to the highest standards of information security and data protection.

Odicci, a leader in interactive customer engagement, today announced that interactive engagement platform was awarded the ISO27001 certification. 

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification displays that odicci has met the complex international standards in ensuring the privacy, confidentiality, and availability of the entire odicci customer engagement platform.

‘’We know that every customer engagement and data collection decision we make has a security component to it, and our customers and their data is at the forefront.’’ – Jacques Prothon (Odicci CEO)

Odicci’s customer engagement platform enables users to create interactive experiences to build strong relationships and loyalty with new and existing customers.

Now with the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we have a compliance commitment to monitor the best practises through repeatable processes including data transmission, logging, storage access controls operations and tracking of threats, and continuous improvement.

We are setting the standard of thriving for the excellence and our strategic investment in maintaining a robust engagement platform and the completion of this internationally recognised certification process illustrates our dedicated commitment to security and the protection of customers data.’’ – Jacques Prothon (Odicci CEO)

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard announced in October 2013 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The standard guarantees that corporations have established methodologies and a framework of business and IT processes to support identify, manage, and reduce risks.

Experience of the Month: Profiler

What is Customer profiling?

The customer profiler module will help you to understand the softer side of your customers, highlighting who they are, what they look like, and their interests and wants.

This insight will help you to recognise your customer’s characteristics, behaviour and traits. Having a better understanding of your customers enables you to communicate in a more effective and personalised way.

Paperchase launched their Colour Crush Profiler experience which achieved a 50% participation rate with a 21% opt in rate to receive future communications from the brand.

What is Zero Party Data collection?

The Zero party data describes any data that a customer proactively and deliberately shares with a brand

which differs from first-party data collection.

The zero data party provides organisations with explicit consumer preferences, rather than implied preferences. (that are typically generated from a brands interactions with a consumer).

The zero party data aligns with the customer’s desire for personalisation as it enables them to proactively state what they want from a brand in exchange for their information.

It gives organisations greater insights into the customer’s needs, interests and intent. Unlike first-party data which can only offer insight generated from purchase history basic facts like date of birth.

What is the commercial opportunity and how will it benefit me?

The odicci profiler is designed to collect enriched data in a fun and engaging way that can be used for future customer targeting. Furthermore coupled with a commercial proposition you can present tailored offers to your customers based upon their personas.

An example Benefit Cosmetics Profiler added the ‘shop now’ CTA at the end of the experience and achieved a 20% increase.

Contact us to find out how the Profiler can be your tool of choice for zero party data collection and to get personal with your customers… Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Christmas – Advent calendar is the way forward!

Christmas is the most popular festive season worldwide. As the great Billy Mack from Love Actually said it “Christmas is all around”. Every time you go out and breathe in the fresh, crisp air, the warmth and cheerful feeling of the most wonderful time of year takes over.

The festive feeling really begins when the city is lit up with Christmas lights, spreading so much cheer.  Angels, snowflakes, and Christmas trees scatter the joy in every street. As soon as decorations are in every window, you know Christmas is not far away. When the first snow starts to fall, everyone gathers around the fire and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air.

Finally, the first day of December is here and the wait is almost over. Nothing brings more cheer than a thoughtful Advent Calendar to count down the final days until Christmas. The joy continues with every day towards Christmas as there is a little surprise to look forward to every morning. From little presents to recipes and cheerful messages – this tradition has lived on for quite some time now.

Do you remember the joy you felt when you received your first Advent Calendar as a child? Do you remember the joy in your children’s eyes when they got a glimpse of their first Advent Calendar? Do you yourself still enjoy a little surprise every day for counting down the days until Christmas? I bet you do and I bet your customers do as well!

Online Advent Calendar

Especially in the digital age, it is hard to take in the holiday spirit and have some time to think about what Christmas stands for. With an online Advent Calendar, you can put a smile on every face of your customers and send some love and peace their way. Give your customers a treat for their loyalty or do something good with a charity campaign.  ODICCI helps you to create a personalised online Advent Calendar with all your desires and needs. Contact a member of our team to start creating it today.Have yourself a merry little Christmas! Let your heart be light and your troubles will be out of sight! Spread love & peace and treat people with kindness!