How is Ryman boosting customer engagement?

The user-friendly platform enabled the brand to benefit improved and insightful information from its customers. Ryman, Odicci, Ometria and Astound Commerce recently got together for a virtual fireside discussion.

we discovered that the brand is currently weathering the storm by focusing on creating great customer experiences. 

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How did Ryman do customer marketing before Covid-19?

Phil Turner – Naylor, Head of Marketing (Ryman) told us about their robust email marketing programme focused on product and price. This was the main customer marketing strategy alongside acquisition campaigns to grow the customer database.   

The ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ acquisition campaign is an interactive experience that will typically see a higher opt-in rate when compared to traditional signup boxes.

Furthermore, an 80% participation rate was driven from offline sources.

Luam Mesfun, Customer Success Manager from Ometria explained that segmenting newly acquired customer data via the source of sign up. The brand was able to deliver truly personalised messaging with a positive response.

How the Covid-19 has impacted the brand’s marketing strategy

With all physical stores having to close, Phil explained that Ryman has had to adapt to a website only business. It was important to ensure the primary objective was to be useful and helpful to their customers.

This was achieved by delivering timely, relevant and inspired customer communications which provided added value. This change of approach has seen revenue attributed to email communications double and interestingly with no incentives provided.

Victoria Manning, Head of Customer Success at Odicci, shared the results from the Personality Profiler, enabled an interactive experience to encourage customer engagement.

Ryman’s future plans for customer engagement

Customer shopping habits will have changed, probably forever and will need to be nurtured, the brand strategy will be to continue keeping the customer at the heart of everything. Our aim is to be able to be helpful, inspired and personalised comms to drive customers back to Ryman and be their destination of choice’

Phil Turner Head of Marketing (Ryman)

Victoria outlined plans to drive more ‘always on’ experiences to further drive customer retention and the collection of rich customer data. This will continue to drive personalised communications database.

Luam shared the post-purchase campaign that is soon to be implemented that will be heavily segmented based upon purchase category with the focus to drive repeat purchase.

Final Thoughts

An interesting discussion from Ryman, a leading UK retailer which has recognised the need to adapt in these fast-moving times. A seamless customer experience with consistent brand messaging across all channels.  

Our thanks to Phil, Luam and Roxanne for taking part in this webinar.

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