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Revolutionising Rewards: How ASDA Rewards Supercharged Customer Acquisition To Their App

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ASDA Rewards Wins Experience Of The Month!

Supercharge acquisition on your app using gamification…

Discover how ASDA Rewards is helping customers to fill their wardrobes with a Tap To Reveal experience in the ASDA Rewards app, enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty.

Through Eagle Eye, they elevate engagement by offering coupons and CashPot rewards for every £5 spent at the point of sale, ensuring repeat visits to the app. 

How are you optimising your app’s impact with Odicci? Elevate your app with gamification and enhance the customer journey. 

Explore this experience now to learn how to supercharge engagement with Quizzes, Games, Rewards, and Advocacy experiences. Start maximising your app’s potential today!



New Partnership with Apadmi

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the provider Apadmi, a partnership that will allow our clients to seamlessly integrate experiences into their apps. 

Apadmi designs, develops and optimises mobile apps for leading brands. Unlocking new value through strategy, platforms, middleware and systems integrations that transform the way apps work. 

We have already launched an experience with Apadmi alongside Eagle Eye for Asda Rewards, which you can view above. 


Odicci Are Finalists For The Best Use Of Gamification To Enhance Loyalty Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that Odicci has been selected as a finalist alongside Asda Rewards and Eagle Eye for the prestigious International Loyalty Awards in the category of “Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty”! , set to take place on the 24th of April in the vibrant city of Dubai! 

Together with Asda Rewards and Eagle Eye, we’ve embarked on an innovative journey to revolutionize customer engagement and loyalty through our interactive experiences on the ASDA Rewards app. 

With experiences like Spin to Win and Scan to Win, we’ve not only elevated customer acquisition but also supercharged loyalty, providing users with an unforgettable and rewarding experience. 

follow the link to vote for us on the International Loyalty Awards website. 

Locale Flag Feature Coming Soon!

Odicci will soon implement a Locale Flags feature that enables our clients to change the language of their experiences and give customers the option to change it as well. 

This will make it easier to implement multi-lingual friendly experiences into your marketing strategy and provide a better customer journey. 

In the Configurator on the platform,  clients can activate the feature by clicking on the check box to display the different flags options on the experience. 

Once the checkbox has been clicked, the flags relating to the selected languages in the locale section of the experience will be displayed within the Preview mode and Live experience.


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