How Odicci helped Just Hype reach five-figure sales

just hype

Want an eco-merce and data collection strategy that engages and retains customers? We have been working together with Just Hype to create experiences that are eye-catching, engage the audience and result in amazing revenue.

Odicci works with zero-party data. Data on the internet is usually collected in the background and sold off to hundreds of companies without the user even knowing. We believe that data should be collected in a way that is ethical and transparent for users, which is why we help our clients to build experiences that collect data in a way that is engaging and interactive.

How does the experience work?

This specific experience is a collaboration between Just Hype and KFC. We wanted something that would not only engage the audience but also represent the KFC branding. Hence the falling chicken!

This rewards potential customers for providing their data with a fun game and a chance to be in a raffle. This type of incentive makes customers not only want to give data but also makes them feel looked after.

From this experience, Just Hype and KFC were able to collect information such as emails and names. However, it was done in a way that was completely consensual and transparent. It also didn’t require any middleman, the information came straight from the customer.

This zero-party data collection allows you to maintain a healthy, close relationship with your customers while also giving you first-hand access to very useful data.

Just Hype was our first company to reach 5-figure sales with a 4.50 conversion rate.

Our experiences always end in brilliant results.

Want to get involved?

Odicci focuses on collecting first and zero-party data through experiences such as quizzes, interactive games or email campaigns. We then use this to boost personalisation and then in turn boost engagement and e-commerce.

Our experiences collect data straight from the source. No middle man needed.

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