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In today’s fast-paced digital world, retailers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers and boost sales. One powerful tool that will supercharge customer engagement is interactive experiences available in-store via QR code or within an App. QR codes and App’s are an excellent way of drawing in customers and allowing them to interact with your brand’s marketing with ease.

 In this blog post, we’ll explore how interactive experiences accessed via QR codes in stores are revolutionising retail, improving engagement, and driving sales. 

The Power of Interactive Shopping Experiences

Interactive shopping experiences, unlocked through QR codes, will engage customers on a whole new level, keeping them in store for longer and boosting your sales.  

These experiences leverage QR codes as a gateway to immerse customers in engaging content and personalised encounters. 

Odicci’s in-store experiences additionally give an alternative to the usual data collection at check out. Rather than bothering your customers for your data at check out, you can engage them with gamified and interactive experience, which will aid you in collection both first and zero party data. 

Personalised Shopping Journeys

The beauty of interactive experiences is their capacity to offer tailored shopping journeys. When customers scan a QR code, they can unlock personalised offers, exclusive discounts, and product recommendations based on their preferences and purchase history. These personalised touches significantly enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

By interacting more with their target audiences, brands can improve their customer acquisition and retention.

 The Interactive Marketing Hub provides you with quizzes, games, awards and advocacy experiences, maximising your marketing potential and supercharging sales. 

Real-World Success Stories

Several forward-thinking retailers have effectively harnessed the power The Interactive Marketing Hub to enhance engagement and bolster sales:

Hotel Chocolat – Find Your Drinking Chocolate Match Quiz

Get away from your laptop and check out our experiences in-store! 

Within Hotel Chocolat’s brand new stores, you can now have a go at completing their “Find your chocolate love match” quiz, boosting engagement with Ometria and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The zero-party data collection from this quiz gives Hotel Chocolat access to valuable insights into their customers’ preferences and day-to-day routines. They can find out the why’s, where’s, who’s and what’s of how their customers like buying chocolate. 

This is an amazing way to expand your marketing and get as much traffic to your different marketing channels as possible.

Black Friday

in store


L’OCCITANE – Count Down To Summer Calendar

Check out how L’OCCITANE integrated their ‘Count down to Summer’ calendar experience into their stores – making amazing use of the Interactive Marketing Hub as well as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

By simply scanning a QR code with their phones, customers gain access to L’Occitane’s summer calendar, where they can win incredible awards.

An excellent way to not only collect valuable zero-party data but to also create a memorable, engaging customer experience that differentiates L’Occitane from their competition.

in store

in store

ASDA Rewards – Spin To Win

Asda launched a Spin The Wheel experience available to use within their store via their App. 

The brand launched a Wheel of Fortune gamified experience which is accessible to users via the the Asda Rewards app after they spend 5£ at the store, supercharging engagement with Eagle Eye and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

An excellent way of not only boosting sales and average order value but also their zero-party data acquisition.

In the first two weeks alone, this experience made over 5 million in revenue. 

in store




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