How Odicci get Christmas Marketing right


Christmas was crazy this year, and our Odicci experiences were no different. Christmas 2022 saw a shift in the way businesses marketed their products and services. 

With the rise of ecommerce, businesses put more of an emphasis on digital marketing strategies. Companies utilized social media, email marketing, and content marketing to reach customers. Additionally, businesses utilized search engine optimization to ensure their products and services were easily discoverable.

But what exactly is so important about December? Well, Christmas of course! Christmas is an essential time for marketing and e-Commerce due to it being one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. 

During the holidays, people are out and about buying gifts, decorations, and other seasonal items, so businesses can potentially reach a larger audience and increase sales.

 Additionally, Christmas is a great time to launch new products, create promotional campaigns, and take advantage of the festive atmosphere. Furthermore, businesses can use Christmas as an opportunity to build relationships with customers, sending out holiday cards, discounts, and other seasonal offers.

How has Odicci taken advantage of the festive Christmas season?

From advent calendars, to quizzes and games – Odicci has done it all this last Christmas in 2022. 

We had some of best results of the year with both new and ongoing clients. Read on to learn about our different clients and the way they marketed themselves this past December month using Odicci experiences. 


Neom are a new client for Odicci this year. In December, we helped them to replicate the in-store Ferris wheel well-being extravaganza – by helping them to create an online spin the wheel game. 

This experience is eye-catching and engaging, making it perfect for attracting new customers and new awareness of the brand!

They additionally created a Jackpot experience which ended up being an amazing way to spark some buzz around their products. 

Neom managed to reach 6 figures working with us across three markets, the US, the EU and the UK. 


Funko created an amazing “Dear Santa’ experience which ended up being featured as our experience of the month!

 This experience allowed for Funko to really connect with their customers and help them to create new family memories. 

The kids are able to write their letters to Santa and see them ‘sent off’. 


Check out this video that Melissa from our Customer Success team created to tell everyone more about the experience. 

What’s Christmas without Advent calendars? With Vieve we were able to create a calendar for them that showcased their products, fitted their brand and rewarded their customers. 

This experience with Vieve is also a great example of how our products can fit a client’s brand whilst still adhering to the spirit of the holiday they choose. 

Vieve were able to keep their more neutral colour pallet and wasn’t forced to give in to the bright green and reds of Christmas. 


Paperchase chose to use a Spin The Wheel experience within its Christmas marketing. 

This experience attracted customers to both their online or offline stores – it turned out to be an amazing way of boosting sales and expanding their reach.  


12 days of Hair Love ended up being 12 days of Umberto Gianni attracting new customers and making an amazing profit. 
Once again, an excellent way of attracting customers to their online stores and a way of exposing customers to new products!
The client was able to stay true to their branding and promote their product, everything that a marketing campaign needs. 

Calendars like this can also be applied to holidays such as Valentine’s day or Easter. 


Space NK also made good use of our advent calendar experiences.

 Giving out discounts and awards allowed their customers to try out new products.

 The design is bright and colourful, perfectly matching their brand. It was overall a very successful experience.



Request a demo and have a look through all our quizzes and games that have made successful e-campaigns for all of our clients. Our experiences are an amazing way to attract new customers, increase customer retention and upgrade your e-commerce game. 

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