NEOM Organics Boosts Online Conversions with Odicci


As the festive season approached in 2022, we wanted to help NEOM Organics get creative and innovative with their marketing strategies to drive maximum sales for the brand. We launched a new Wheel of Fortune & a Jackpot experience to boost NEOM Organics conversions. When you see outcomes like a conversion rate of 6.57% for their Jackpot experience, it is clear that you can rely on Odicci. 

Christmas is a significant trading period for NEOM Organics. The team built an amazing Christmas campaign using the Odicci pre-configured experiences over 2 weeks in three markets using Ometria and Shopify platforms. 

We continued to drive engagement with NEOM Organics in January 2023 with a ‘January Blues’ quiz. The quiz was sent to active subscribers while integrating Shopify vouchers.

Read on to find about these experiences in more detail. 

Wheel of Fortune

This interactive experience offered customers the chance to spin the wheel and win exclusive discounts on our products.

This not only engaged customers but also encouraged them to make a purchase on our website, resulting in a 6.48% conversion rate for this experience.

Customers will get another spin with every purchase, increasing their chances of winning. This experience is guaranteed to drive footfall on the NEOM Organics website and boost sales.


Our Jackpot experience is a unique and exciting way to offer our customers a chance to win big. With every purchase, customers will receive a ticket that gives them a chance to win a grand prize.

This grand prize could be anything from a year’s supply of NEOM Organics products to a luxurious spa day. The excitement of winning big is guaranteed to drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

In Just four days, this experience totalled a  6.57% conversion rate – Excellent results!

January Blues Interactive Quiz

An interactive quiz experience was an excellent way to boost revenue for NEOM Organics. By incorporating an interactive quiz experience into their marketing strategy, NEOM Cosmetics drove sales and created a memorable shopping experience for their customers.

This quiz had a 6.55% conversion rate, based on the vouchers distributed by Shopify. We believe that these experiences are a game-changer for our revenue and conversion rates.

By offering customers a chance to win big and exclusive discounts, our interactive experiences drive sales and create a memorable shopping experience they will not forget.


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