27/07/2020 editorial team

Data Capture Boost MakePositive by 100+ entries!

Data capture is essential for businesses to grow and boost sales. Below we display how our interactive experience enhanced Makepostive’s database!

Makepositive is a consulting partner of Salesforce; they design, implement and maintain all Salesforce clouds.

The worldwide known brand also experts in Force.com, Heroku.com and Amazon Web Services.

The company wanted to capture more personal insights and re-engage their audience. The aim was to be in their customers faces more often and develop a campaign that would do exactly that!

Data capture flyer providing you with the unique used by Makepostitive.

We worked together launching a prize draw campaign to be implemented at Salesforce’s annual world tour.

We designed a flyer for to attendees of the event. The flyer gave the recipient a unique code and instructed them to visit the website and enter their code for a chance to win their own ‘Sidbot’ robot.

Using ODICCI live reporting throughout the event, we saw that there were only 52 registrations by 3 pm. We decided to reduce the number of data fields to six and found that by 3:55 pm, entries had doubled to 102.

We learned that businesses should not demand too much information during the data capture process as customers are less motivated by this and are less likely to engage.

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