Boost Your Conversion Rates This Easter


As the Easter season approaches, brands are looking for ways to connect with their audience and drive sales. Odicci is a customer engagement platform that offers various tools and features to help brands achieve this goal. Brands such as Hotel Chocolat are already using our interactive experiences to promote their Easter products.

With the right marketing strategy, your brand could increase sales and revenue during the Easter season. Heres why we think you should put all your eggs in our Odicci sized basket this next Easter season:

Our interactive experiences create amazing results

Our interactive experiences – consisting of quizzes, games and unique promotions – always create fantastic results. If increased conversion rates, average order values and customer retention is what you want, we can get it for you.

The Odicci platform allows you to easily create our experiences without coding knowledge. For example, a food brand can create a quiz to determine the user’s favourite Easter recipe – whilst being able to completely customise it to suit their branding and tone of voice.

Our interactive experiences are a great way to offer promotions or discounts that will promote your Easter products. You can then promote these experiences in your email campaigns or social media, building on your customer relationships and your profit conversion rate.

Engage your audience with an exciting user journey 

Our interactive experiences can easily be shared via email or social media, allowing you to create an exciting and interesting user journey.

Users are led by your promotions on social media or email to our Odicci platform where they are then shown your amazing offers that link to your brand’s e-commerce platform.


This is an amazing method that has proved itself to increase customer engagement and improve your brand’s relationship with its target audience.

Hotel Chocolat Peel To Reveal

A great example of an easter promotion we created with Hotel Chocolat shows exactly what Odicci can do.

In less than a week, Hotel Chocolat collected 41,000 entries and a 65% opt-in rate from their interactive experience with us.

Customers receive an email inviting them to try the experience, which takes them to a peel-to-reveal page that contains discounts and offers. This leads them to the Hotel Chocolat website, which increases engagement and boosts conversions. The experience also generates hype around their Easter collections, generating enthusiasm for their products.


In conclusion, Odicci is an excellent platform that can help brands engage with their audience and drive sales during the Easter season. By creating Easter-themed content, offering promotions and discounts, sending greetings and messages, creating games and contests, and using social media integrations, brands can connect with their audience in a fun and interactive way.

Request a demo and have a look through all our quizzes and games that have made successful e-campaigns for all of our clients. Our experiences are an amazing way to attract new customers, increase customer retention and upgrade your e-commerce game.

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