Egg-sellent News for Retailers this Easter

Easter is a key opportunity for retailers to encourage purchases and run price promotions. Given that it is the longest bank holiday of the year, with most people having Friday and Monday off from work.

Easter has quickly become a huge spending event for UK customers. British retailers and businesses can expect spending in a variety of verticals, not just confectionery items and gifts.

So, you know that the number of shopping bags and shoppers will automatically increase whenever Easter arrives.

In 2018, high-end luxury and apparel/accessories together drove 64% of sales during the Easter season. Rakuten states that consumers use this time off to look for deals and gear up for the warmer weather ahead.

Implementing a seasonal campaign with interactive marketing experiences is a great way to generate more leads, expand email list and more traffic to the website.

Odicci’s content platform users can easily create, test and measure engaging interactive experiences with no development skills required. The user-friendly platform enables content to be published within hours instead of weeks!

Easter has increasingly become a peak time for generating sales. Therefore, retailers should focus on pushing out fun and engaging experiences with offers that entice consumers to purchase.

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