Spin The Wheel with us? Odicci’s unique game experiences

How many marketing strategies are actually memorable for the target customers? Odicci craft experiences that entice customers to want to get to know the brand and the products you sell. The experiences we make range from quizzes, spin the wheel, and games, mostly ending in a prize for the customer.

This type of zero-party data collection gives you the power to truly get to know your customers.  Zero-party data is the new future of the internet. Cookies are getting pushed out, so you need to start looking for new methods to find out more about your audience.

Our experiences with Funko is an excellent example of that. A strategy that engages, nurtures and creates a desire for your product within your target market. 

More about the experiences

A great example of a Funko experience we have done is our ‘spin the wheel’ experience. Customers are prompted to spin the wheel when they arrive at the site inorder to win a prize. 

Experiences like this are amazing for customer retention. In exchange for their valuable data and time, customers are rewarded with a fun game and glamorous prizes. 


An additional experience we have worked on with them is a Christmas advent calendar. This experience spreads the Christmas cheer and increases engagement. 

Digital teams can create their calendars from scratch using our templates – upload their own assets and launch in just a few days

Next to product quizzes, games, refer-a-friend and interactive promotions our advent calendar is a great example of what is possible with the Odicci platform.

Funko used our platform to create their December 2022 calendar, which gifts users with discounts and prizes. 

funko advent calendar
Why you should choose Odicci

Odicci can provide you with an ecomerce and data collection strategy that appeals to any audience and drives forward your customer retention. 

Our experiences are fun, versatile and easy. As you can see from the examples above, our clients have been able to create some wonderful campaigns. 

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