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Save Time and Money with Odicci's Gamification Platform

Creating engaging and interactive content is crucial for capturing your audience’s attention and driving engagement. Odicci is a powerful platform that allows you to create interactive experiences easily. Whether you’re looking to create Quizzes, Rewards, Games or Advocacy experiences, Odicci can help you achieve your goals quickly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an Odicci experience in less than 30 minutes.

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Gamification within the customer journey offers numerous benefits, enhancing engagement, loyalty, and overall customer experience. By incorporating game-like elements such as rewards, challenges, and leaderboards, businesses can create more interactive and enjoyable experiences that motivate customers to interact with their brand more frequently and meaningfully. This approach can drive higher levels of participation and investment in the brand, as customers feel a sense of accomplishment and fun.

Additionally, gamification can provide valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences, allowing for more personalised marketing strategies. Overall, gamification fosters a deeper connection between customers and the brand, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

Choose From 150+ Templates

The Odicci platform provides an extensive library of over 150 professionally designed templates, ensuring your content is polished and engaging. Whether you require a quiz, a drop game, or a refer-a-friend experience, our platform has the perfect template to meet your needs. These templates offer a ready-made structure, enabling you to focus on customisation rather than starting from scratch.

By utilising our templates, a significant portion of your experience is pre-built, allowing you to integrate your branding and content seamlessly.

Create Your Experience In Minutes

With just a few minutes of your time, you can add your branding and assets to your chosen template and have a finished experience. After this, all you have to this is click publish and the experience can be inserted simultaneously in store, on apps, on websites and within social media. 

With Odicci experiences, you can capitalise on current trends, address market changes, and respond to competitor actions promptly, providing a competitive advantage and boosting brand visibility. With just a few clicks, Odicci saves you time and makes you more money. 


How To Add In Your Assets

Adding new images and text to your experience is easy peasy! All you have to do is click on the image you want to replace within the template and upload it into the platforms media gallery. If you wish to add an image into a new spot, simply go to ‘image’ on the right side menu and upload your asset there.


Design Your Reward

You know what makes playing a game even more fun? when theres a reward waiting for you at the end! The Odicci platform allows you to be able to provide your customers with any reward you want, helping you to create an amazing customer journey. 

The reward frames are super easy to implement. For example, if you are creating a profiler quiz, your customers reward would be the profile result. As you can see in the example below, they are super easy and flexible to create. You have to the option to change the imagery, change the prize type and whether or not your customers will receive an email after winning. 

Pick Your Settings

Adjusting the settings is easy with the Odicci platform! Seamlessly edit the name and language of your experience, as well choose the duration of your campaign. 

One of the best options is to pick is ‘Always-on’ as it enables you to have a 24/7 experience on your marketing channels that engages and retains your audience, supercharging revenue for your brand. Furthermore, you can also have a seasonal experience for Christmas, Halloween or even something like a summer countdown, enabling you to optimise sales during peak seasons. 

Consolidate Your Tech Stack With Integrations

Odicci is an all-in-one platform, making your marketing tech stack more seamless and integrated than ever. Integrating your tech stack offers significant benefits such as enhanced efficiency, improved data accuracy, and better collaboration. Using the Odicci platform gives you access to all our technology partners, allowing you to maximise your marketing strategy.

Seamless communication between different software tools reduces the need for manual data entry, minimising errors and leading to more reliable data and insights. This integration streamlines workflows, allowing teams to work more effectively and make faster, data-driven decisions. Additionally, it enhances the user experience by providing a unified interface, which simplifies training and usage, ultimately fostering a more cohesive and productive work environment.

Within Minutes.... You have made an experience!

Just like that… you have made an engaging and fun experience for your customer journey. Gamifying your marketing has never been easier than with Odicci. 

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