Are you ready for the cookie apocalypse?


The ‘cookie apocalypse’ is slowly looming over us. But could it destroy businesses that have been relying on cookies?

Apple introduced its ITP (intelligent tracking prevention) feature in 2017 and has been updating it to phase out cookies even further as the years have gone by. Additionally, Google is also set to phase out third-party cookies in 2024. Which many advertisers believe will have a significant impact on their marketing.

Without this third-party data, a lot of businesses will have no idea what their customers want from them. However, could this be a good thing? It could be a way to force companies into collecting data that is more trustworthy. Read on to find out what Odicci thinks when it comes to the Cookie Apocalypse.

What is the ‘Cookie apocalypse’?

The cookie apocalypse is a prediction. Third-party data ‘cookies’ could potentially be made useless upon Google and Apple’s efforts to phase cookies out.

Third-party data is aggregated data collected from multiple different sources, packaged and sold by a company that did not collect the data itself.  Since third-party data comes from multiple sources, the size and scope of it can be massive. 

Overall,  losing cookies can be disruptive at every stage of the marketing process. Such as planning, targeting, measurement and sales.

Basically, google and apple now hold the cards on A LOT of data. Which has caused most industries to quake in their boots. 

Zero and First party data

First and zero-party data are the better alternatives to cookies. Not only is it not affected by the crusade of trackers but also gives you data that is more trustworthy and overall less creepy!

 There could potentially be a massive shift in power from open data to enclosed domains with detailed data about their users.

This gives a huge advantage to bigger platforms, who perhaps hold more data on consumers than most. This is where Zero or First party data comes into play. It means only brands the customer chooses themselves hold their data – really takes the stalker feel out of it!

Zero data is always best however, it grabs data straight from the source, no middle man needed. This is where Odicci can help. 

How can Odicci help save my business from the cookie apocalypse?

Odicci focuses on collecting first and zero-party data through experiences such as quizzes, interactive games or email campaigns. We then use this to boost personalisation and then in turn boost engagement and e-commerce. 

Our experiences collect data straight from the source meaning that the more giant platforms such as Google or Apple no longer hold the cards on data collection. It doesn’t matter if they withhold information with a cookie apocalypse – because you have your own! 

Request a demo from our website today to see if our experiences could work with your business. 

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