10 interactive Halloween experiences

The spookiest month of the year is upon us. Since you’ve landed here and you must have started planning your Halloween marketing campaigns already.

The prevalence of Halloween traditions such as wearing costumes, trick-or-treating, carving out pumpkins and have led to large amounts of consumer spending. This spending has been increasing annually and is forecasted to reach a total of 419 million British pounds in 2018.

Halloween means big business for retailers and estimate last consumers spent £421m on all aspects of the celebration. This year, growing consumer interest means that spend is likely to be £443m, a growth of around 5.2%. Brands that want to cash in will have to out-trick their rivals and treat their customers.

Here are 10 interactive experiences that will boost engagement and increase your conversation rates!

Tap The Ghost

The tap the ghost experience is an exciting manner to boost traffic to your website. The experience enables your audience to have fun and potentially get rewarded for participating in the activity.

Tap The Pumpkin

Games like spinning wheels are great at grabbing the user’s attention. The interactive experience will not only help you grow your email list, improve conversions and lead capture.

Halloween Quiz

The Halloween quiz is all about fun. It’s light-hearted from the start and the quiz questions are enjoyable. This fits with the general idea of the quiz, which is perfect, and led to a very strong conversion rate.

Halloween Profiler Game

odicci’s customer module will help you to understand the softer side of your customers highlighting who they are, what they look like, their interests and wants. This insight will help you to recognise your customer’s characteristics, behaviour and trait.

Smash the pumpkin

The shake experience allows you to interact with your audience in a fun and exciting manner. Capability to think outside of the box enables you to stand out and boosted revenue.

Memory Game

Brands use games as an extra tool to advertise and promote their products and service. By the end of the game, the participants will have been exposed to the products quite a few times. Brand awareness will be increased, and the audience will be able to differentiate your products from the competitors.

Gift Finder

Gamification can be a great way to attract new subscribers and keep them. With interactive elements helping to make emails more memorable and more engaging long after the initial sign-up.

Halloween Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune experience provides the perfect platform for interacting with your audience. The experience enables your audience to start their journey your brand with fun engagements.

Halloween Pinball

The purpose can be pure fun and entertainment. Lights flash, and bumpers thump as the points rack up making it easy to focus on the game and lose track of everything else. Pinball experience is an exciting manner to improve loyalty, increase conversions and retention for your brand.

Halloween Selfie Experience

If you are a cosmetics brand, you can encourage your visitors to make a Halloween makeup. Create a photo contest in which your visitors will share the photo of their makeup with your products.

Encourage your community to vote for the most beautiful makeup and reward the winner. An original way to promote your products! 

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The Perfect Christmas Gift Profiler


Need help finding the perfect gift? We’re here to help.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. But, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. So many options and you want to make sure you buy them a Christmas gift that is going to put a big smile on their face. This should be an easy task, but often brings on unwanted stress.

Here’s where interactive marketing comes into play. Interactive experiences like Odicci’s Profiler can help your customers easily find the perfect gift they’re looking for, just by answering some questions on their style, likes, favourite items (the opportunities are endless and completely up to you!).

Then, they receive a custom profile based on their responses. Interactive marketing techniques are an increasingly effective way to engage customers and prospects with your brand and capture data.

People’s shopping habits have changed and the number of online shopping purchase in on the rise, especially during the holiday shopping months of November and December.

In fact, 25% of all holiday shopping occurs online and 40% of all Christmas sales occur within 15 December and 24 December, with the busiest shopping day being the Saturday before Christmas.

Now that you know where your customer’s will be shopping during that time period, you have a great opportunity to be able to connect with them and enrich your customer database.  

The new Profiler module (just launched!) incorporates both data capture and enrichment. Customers are asked a few questions and then a profile is created based on the customer’s responses.

The Profiler is a simple and fun way to engage customers and prospects, convert them into leads by providing suggestions, and profiling their interests for future marketing campaigns. The best part is, your customers don’t feel like they’re handing over data, but participating in an enjoyable experience that is giving them actionable results.

How does it work?

  1. Introduction frame to grab attention
  2. Data capture frame – name, email, etc.
  3. Questions to help profile the respondent
  4. Results frame with your profile

The Profiler module isn’t just for Christmas! It can also be used as an evergreen campaign to help you profile your customers all year long. Create the questions and profiles once, and its completely scalable to withstand the test of time.

Interested in learning more about the Profiler? Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Egg-sellent News for Retailers this Easter

Easter eggs cute bunnies. Funny holidays decoration

Easter is a key opportunity for retailers to encourage purchases and run price promotions. Given that it is the longest bank holiday of the year, with most people having Friday and Monday off from work.

Easter has quickly become a huge spending event for UK customers. British retailers and businesses can expect spending in a variety of verticals, not just confectionery items and gifts.

So, you know that the number of shopping bags and shoppers will automatically increase whenever Easter arrives.

In 2018, high-end luxury and apparel/accessories together drove 64% of sales during the Easter season. Rakuten states that consumers use this time off to look for deals and gear up for the warmer weather ahead.

Implementing a seasonal campaign with interactive marketing experiences is a great way to generate more leads, expand email list and more traffic to the website.

Odicci’s content platform users can easily create, test and measure engaging interactive experiences with no development skills required. The user-friendly platform enables content to be published within hours instead of weeks!

Easter has increasingly become a peak time for generating sales. Therefore, retailers should focus on pushing out fun and engaging experiences with offers that entice consumers to purchase.

Christmas – Advent calendar is the way forward!

Christmas is the most popular festive season worldwide. As the great Billy Mack from Love Actually said it “Christmas is all around”. Every time you go out and breathe in the fresh, crisp air, the warmth and cheerful feeling of the most wonderful time of year takes over.

The festive feeling really begins when the city is lit up with Christmas lights, spreading so much cheer.  Angels, snowflakes, and Christmas trees scatter the joy in every street. As soon as decorations are in every window, you know Christmas is not far away. When the first snow starts to fall, everyone gathers around the fire and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air.

Finally, the first day of December is here and the wait is almost over. Nothing brings more cheer than a thoughtful Advent Calendar to count down the final days until Christmas. The joy continues with every day towards Christmas as there is a little surprise to look forward to every morning. From little presents to recipes and cheerful messages – this tradition has lived on for quite some time now.

Do you remember the joy you felt when you received your first Advent Calendar as a child? Do you remember the joy in your children’s eyes when they got a glimpse of their first Advent Calendar? Do you yourself still enjoy a little surprise every day for counting down the days until Christmas? I bet you do and I bet your customers do as well!

Online Advent Calendar

Especially in the digital age, it is hard to take in the holiday spirit and have some time to think about what Christmas stands for. With an online Advent Calendar, you can put a smile on every face of your customers and send some love and peace their way. Give your customers a treat for their loyalty or do something good with a charity campaign.  ODICCI helps you to create a personalised online Advent Calendar with all your desires and needs. Contact a member of our team to start creating it today.Have yourself a merry little Christmas! Let your heart be light and your troubles will be out of sight! Spread love & peace and treat people with kindness!

Valentines Day – The Perfect guide!

As Valentines Day approaches, people are increasingly thinking of ways to woo their loved one

Everyone wants to feel special on Valentine’s Day. Sending personalised content goes a long way in making people feel noticed.

Based on statistics from the National Retail Federation on Valentine’s Day celebrations, 2019 was a bad year for love. Only 51% of people reported planning to celebrate the heart-filled holiday — the lowest reported percentage in 11 years.

But, looking at 2020 research, it seems consumers have caught the love bug once again.

Whether the V-letter day makes you gag or swoon, there is always a good reason to make that person in your life feel special and loved. Here is one example of our Valentine’s campaigns, give it a try!

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