Boost Your Customer Engagement This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s is an excellent opportunity to boost your sales and your customer retention. However, how do we come up with a good marketing and e-commerce strategy? The answer is in customer engagement and good data collection, something that Odicci can help with. 

The Valentine’s Day season is one of the most crucial periods for marketers, as consumers are more likely to make purchases during this time of the year. With the growth of e-commerce, online shopping has become a convenient and popular option for customers to purchase gifts for their loved ones. In addition to that, data collection is equally important. Data collection can help marketers understand their target audience, including demographics, preferences, and behaviours.

This information is essential for creating a personalised and effective marketing campaign that resonates with the target audience. Read on to find out how Odicci can help you out.

Engage your customers and get 4X more people to your site

Odicci experiences such as quizzes or advent calendars will make your website more exciting and interesting to your target customer. 

When customers find your website engaging and entertaining, they are more likely to have a positive experience and be satisfied with your brand. This can additionally lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases, which can result in a higher customer lifetime value.

We all know that more engagement always equals more sales. This Valentines, you could make your brand front face and centre.

Optimise your campaigns

By targeting your marketing efforts more effectively for Valentine’s day, you can reach a larger and more relevant audience, leading to increased customer acquisition. 

Odicci are committed to making sure you are using your assets correctly, in a way that boosts customer retention and engagement, increases brand awareness and gives you a better return on investment. 

Gain a competitive advantage

Odicci experiences will give you an edge during the next valentines experience. Try out a marketing campaign that entices customers and rewards them for their engagement. Our experiences are ye catching, and original and gain excellent results – everything you could want from a campaign. 

Request a demo and have a look through all our quizzes and games that have made successful e-campaigns for all of our clients. Our experiences are an amazing way to attract new customers, increase customer retention and upgrade your e-commerce game. 

Why Odicci?

Join top industry brands such as New Look and Hotel Chocolat in boosting your engagement and conversions with our Interactive Marketing Hub. Our all-in-one platform will open doors for you to boost conversion rates, a better relationship with your target market and better consolidation for your CRM.

In 2021, customers are seeing between 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements every day. Knowing how bombarded people are with this type of daily messaging …

  by Camilla Bass, Content Marketing Manager at      First-party data – such as actions a customer takes across your website …

Customer Loyalty can be difficult to acquire, but with The Interactive Marketing Hub, Odicci makes it easy. Read our blog to find out more...

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