Black Friday is incoming! How will you boost user engagement?

black friday

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, and businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out in the crowded marketplace. In today’s digital age, where online shopping has become the norm, creating interactive online experiences can be the key to boosting engagement and driving sales on Black Friday.

Let’s discuss how you can use The Interactive Marketing Hub to make the most of this shopping extravaganza.


Quizzes can be inserted into email campaigns, social media, websites and even in-store as a way of building engagement and customer loyalty. They can additionally be an excellent tool for collecting zero and first-party data. Serving as an excellent way to learn about your customers down to the very last detail, quizzes are an amazing interactive experience to have within your marketing arsenal.

Check out this quiz from Hotel Chocolat. An always-on experience that has been built with the Odicci Interactive Marketing Hub whilst also increasing the brand’s personalisation and developing their CRM strategy with Ometria.

This quiz is an excellent way for Hotel Chocolat to show off their product and learn more about their customers.

By using the Odicci Interactive Marketing Hub, Hotel Chocolat has been able to increase their retention and acquisition – building upon their relationship with their target audience and increasing sales.

This experience achieved an 102% increase in conversion rates for Hotel Chocolat due to how engaged users are with the quiz. The quiz is fun and interesting, keeping user online and in store for longer. 

Make sure to download the Hotel Chocolat case study to learn more!

Hotel Chocolat – Meet Your Hot Chocolate Match

Black Friday

Amy harman from Hotel Chocolat raved about this experience whilst speaking on a panel at the Ometria Lifecycle23 event.



Gamification such as Peel to Reveal or Spin the Wheel can do amazing things for your marketing strategy and results.
Gamified elements not only entertain your visitors but will also incentivise them to stay longer and explore your Black Friday offerings. For instance, a “Spin the Wheel” game could offer exclusive discounts, free shipping, or early access to Black Friday deals.

Check out this amazing Black Friday-focused experience from New Look, made with the Odicci platform and SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform.

This experience surprised and delighted New Looks’ target audience, boosting sales and conversations and bringing more traffic to their website.


Additionally Science in Sport Group leveraged our ‘Shake To Win’ feature through the Interactive Marketing Hub, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Campaign, resulting in a remarkable surge in sales and enhanced customer engagement.

This experience proved to be an excellent strategy for attracting customers to the Science In Sport website on the big day!

New Look – Peel To Reveal

Black Friday


Rewards-based interactive experiences are particularly effective for user engagement on Black Friday because they tap into customers’ innate desire for excitement and reward. By offering incentives such as discounts, exclusive deals, or special prizes through interactive games, contests, or challenges, businesses not only create a sense of anticipation and fun but also motivate users to actively participate in their Black Friday promotions. This engagement not only keeps customers on the website longer but also fosters a feeling of accomplishment and gratification, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversions and repeat visits during this critical shopping event.
Check out this excellent giveaway experience launched by FatFace this year, boosting their engagement with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud.
An amazing experience that provides FatFace with improved data acquisition, increased website traffic and boosted sales.

Fatface – £1000 giveaway

Black Friday


Advocacy-based interactive experiences are highly effective for user engagement on Black Friday because they harness the power of social influence. By encouraging customers to share their Black Friday experiences, product reviews, or recommendations with their friends and followers, businesses can create a sense of community and trust. This user-generated content serves as authentic endorsements, helping potential shoppers make purchasing decisions. Additionally, advocacy-based campaigns can reward loyal customers for their referrals or contributions, incentivizing them to actively promote the brand during the holiday season, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of Black Friday promotions.

Check out this always-on Refer A Friend experience launched by Science In Sport earlier in the year, built with Adobe Commerce Cloud and Adobe Campaign.

Not only has Science in Sport been able to consolidate their tech stack and save money with our all-in-one platform, but they were able to boost sales and grow their relationship with their target market.

Imagine having your loyal customers turn into enthusiastic brand advocates, spreading the word about your business and driving organic growth.

With our all-in-one platform, you can engage customers in meaningful conversations, and watch your business flourish.

Download our Science In Sport case study to find out more!

This advocacy experience has increased Science In Sport’s average order value by 16%, proving it to be an excellent tool for driving forward your sales and attracting new customers. 

Science In Sport – Refer A FriendBlack Friday




How will Interactive Experiences will enhance your marketing?

All successful marketing begins with good data. Because data drives personalisation, and personalisation drives conversion.

Experiences from The Interactive Marketing Hub are proven to surprise and delight your audience. This leads to increased engagement and retention, valuable zero and first- party data collection, boosted sales and boosted conversion rates.

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