GDPR – Do you know how this will impact you?

With less than a year to go, on the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced upon businesses collecting personal data. Failure to comply with the regulation could result in a huge fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover – whichever is highest. Ouch.

So, what exactly does GDPR mean?

GDPR means that businesses will have to integrate many changes. Some changes will be relatively small, like not using opt-out (pre-ticked) boxes to consent. Some changes will be larger, like giving the identity and contact details of the data controller, and in some cases, hiring a Data Protection Officer.

Some of the more general requirements of GDPR are to outline the purpose of the data collection, the legal grounds on which it operates, and specification of how long data will be held. The data collector must outline to the individual their right to erase or rectify their personal data and make clear to them their right to withdraw consent and to make a complaint.

  • Data controller: Decides how data is processed.
  • Data processor: Maintains records of personal data and processing activities.

The introduction of GDPR means that the top priorities for marketers should be: conduct impact assessments; give individuals more control of their data; and revision of data policies.

B2B marketers – if you thought you were safe, think again. Currently, you need only ask for consent at the point of purchase or data provision. With the enforcement of GDPR, consent will have to be an explicit opt-in action.
GDPR is also going to making double opting-in compulsory. Inevitably, this will make subscriber lists and databases smaller.
But fear not, by offering an incentive, you can motivate customers to engage. For example, by offering to play to win opportunities. A popular example of this which we develop for companies with ODICCI is virtual scratchcards.
Implementing the process may prove to be quite tedious, especially with regard to offline data capture. GDPR means that all of the information that needs to be communicated offline must be done in-person or in a physical document.

How can ODICCI help your business be GDPR compliant?

Be it online or offline, we work with the utmost respect and care for your customers and your business.

  • Re-qualify your database to ensure that the privacy and storing standards and are up to scratch.
  • Odicci can implement the required double opt-in process, making it a far less tedious (and maybe even fun…) process. Our micro-site builder allows you to create and update without having to develop or code.
  • We can implement GDPR compliant online and offline data capture, that still allows your database to grow. The ODICCI reporting interface gives you an immediate overview of the success of your data collection. Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs, slice and dice data with filters and download results with a variety of export options.
  • As a business with DMA membership, we have access to a legal help-desk, as well as legal events and webinars. These opportunities help us to ensure we are meeting legal obligations with regard to data capture.

For more details about the GDPR:

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