10 interactive Black Friday experiences

Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving. This marks the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers.

This often means retailers often heavily promote their stores and markdown prices to entice shoppers to buy products both online.

Black Friday Biggest Shopping weekend

Black Friday is the start of the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year, it is full of amazing deals, cheap electronic items!

According to Statisica (2019), The United Kingdom takes Black Friday quite seriously. The total retail spending during Black Friday was forecast to reach £8.57 billion pounds. The highest among many other countries in Europe.

The figures suggest that reports of Black Friday fatigue among shoppers, deterred by bogus discounting, may have been wide of the mark. Black Friday retailers to keep Black Friday as a key retail event in the run-up to Christmas.

10 interactive experiences to improve your engagement with your audience!

Scratch the discount


The smash the discount is an effective interactive experience that will enable your audience to have a bit of fun. The interactive experience permits your audience to get inspiration, tips, or just see your products from a new perspective.

Spin the wheel (Black Friday)

Interactive games like spinning wheel is a great manner of grabbing the consumers attention. The experience will not only just boost your email list but also improve conversation rates.

Black Friday (Quiz)

Quizzes have the ability to drive massive chunks of traffic and that’s not the end of the story. For marketers like us, we need a purpose for driving traffic, eyeballs alone are not the goal.

To help connect the dots between quizzes and ROI, here is the complete guide to making and using quizzes.


Black Friday Profiler Game

odicci’s customer profile experience will help you to understand who your audience and their interests. This insight will help you to recognise your customer’s characteristics, behaviour and trait.

Black Friday Memory Game

The new memory game will help you to improve the general brand awareness of your company.

Your potential clients will be aware of your existence and the products and services that you offer. That can only mean that there is a big chance of converting them into your customers!

Peel the Friday discount

The peel experience enables you to interact with your audience in a fun, unique and exciting manner. The experience enables you to stand out and boost more revenue.

Black Friday Gift Finder

Gamification can be a great way to attract new subscribers and keep them. The interactive elements help to make emails more memorable and more engaging long after the initial sign-up.

Black Friday Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune experience is a unique marketing tool that often is not classed as marketing. This is often seen as a fun and exciting experience. The interactive experience allows your audience helps generate good conversation rate.

Black Friday Pinball

The purpose can be pure fun and entertainment. Lights flash, and bumpers thump as the points rack up making it easy to focus on the game and lose track of everything else. Pinball experience is an exciting manner to improve loyalty, increase conversions and retention for your brand.

Black Friday Selfie Experience

If you are a cosmetics brand, you can encourage your visitors to make a Halloween makeup. Create a photo contest in which your visitors will share the photo of their makeup with your products.

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