10 interactive Back to School experiences

According to RetailNet Back to school is the third largest seasonal shopping event in the UK. Parents collectively parting with almost £1 billion, a new study suggests.

“Back to school is a major shopping event for the nation’s retailers, beaten only by Black Friday and Christmas,”

Spending on back to school is being driven by rising inflation, the increased cost of children’s wear and stationery and a boost to the back-to-school population.

10 interactive experiences that will boost engagement!

Scratch to Win

The experience ensures that the interaction is fun to keep them playing. That means keeping the sales messaging light or even non-existent. First, give them something they love. The trust and confidence in your brand will follow.

School Wheel of Fortune

Spinning the wheel is an exceptional way to grab your audience attention. The interactive experience is to assist you to grow your email list, lead to capture and improve conversations.

The School Quiz

You can make quizzes use them to educate people about your products. You might run a quiz that people answer questions to reveal which of your products is the best fit for them.

Peel to Reveal

The fun and experience enable you to interact with your audience in a fun and exciting manner. The experience allows you to stand out and drive more revenue.

Memory Sunshine Game

The memory game can help you provide tangible value that will draw in lead and prospects. The experience will entice them into forging a more meaningful connection with your brand.

Gift Finder (Find the Uniform)

These types of experiences allow you to understand your audience’s preference in your products. The experience generates a report card, participants can compare their results to their peers.

School Swipe to Reveal

the swipe experience enables you to format and ask the audience in your audience about experiences with their children. Participants have to “swipe” left or right to answer your questions.

Sunny Pinball

The interactive experience is pure fun for your audience as the points rack up making it easy to focus on the game and lose track of everything else. The pinball experience is an exciting manner to improve loyalty, and also retention for your brand.

School Selfie Experience

The fun and interactive experience enable visitors to utilise your product contest in which your visitors will share the photo of their makeup.

Encourage your audience to vote for the most stunning makeup and reward the winner. An original way to promote your products and boost your customer engagement.

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