Christmas Snow Globe

Reaching customers as they travel through any store is challenging, they are typically focused on their particular objective which may be to buy a particular product, look for a type of gift or just pass through to their next destination.

This is a common challenge that Dufry faces on a daily basis as they want to engage customers while driving sign ups for their RED loyalty programme. Odicci supported Dufry by building a digital snow globe using our “Shake To Reveal” Module as an engagement tool that was relevant to the time of year.

While consumers were passing through a Dufry store they saw multiple communication points promoting the activity all of which drove through to Odicci experience from either a QR Code or directly from the link.

The campaign is running across 17 countries across Eastern Europe and Latin America, with bespoke prizes being claimed at each Dufry store such as vouchers, gifts, perfumes and chocolates.

With the Odicci countdown feature we gave winners a time limit to claim certain prizes to ensure that they picked them up while they were in the store.

Be My Valentine…

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people are increasingly thinking of ways to woo their loved one

Whether the V-letter day makes you gag or swoon, there is always a good reason to make that person in your life feel special and loved. Here is one example of our Valentine’s campaigns, give it a try!

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