5 reasons why capturing data at Point of Sale is not effective

Untitled design (2)Increasingly retailers try to capture data from customers at checkout, “can I have your email address please?” It seems an obvious thing to do however with data capture at Point of Sale there are numerous challenges. We have identified 5 main reasons why data capture at Point of Sale is not effective:

1) Intrusive: it can be an uncomfortable experience for customers to disclose personal information at checkout. Customers also often do not have the time.

2) Data quality: names, emails addresses when entered into the system are often misspelled. Wrongly entered email addresses will cause deliverability issues, wrongly entered first name or title will cause customer frustration and disappointment about your brand.

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6 ways to increase your email database

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1. Make it easy to become a subscriber on your website. Try to avoid long webforms with multiple questions, make it simple and fast.

2. Engage with your customers offline and give them the opportunity to register easily to leave their details and register to your newsletter.

3. Arrange a competition with an incentive for participants to involve their friends. Use social sharing tactics to register additional customers to your database.

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Designing your shopping cart abandonment email

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A very important part of your shopping cart abandonment email is about the ability to deliver a sense of trust, excitement and urgency, enabling a tangible desire to buy your product. If you follow this emotional engagement closely your ability to sell will then go up dramatically. The key components of a good shopping cart abandonment email are sender, subject line, visual reminders of the product(s), personalisation, branding and a clear call to action button.

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