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Advent Calendar


Get into the holiday spirit and increase sales during the busiest time of year.

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Wonderful Christmas!

Surprise and delight your customers during the most wonderful time of the year. Count down the days with ODICCI’s unique, fun and engaging Advent Calendar.
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase your sales
  • Expand your mailing list
  • drive more traffic to your site

Advent Calendar to go!

Reach more customers by making your Advent Calendar available for everyone and grow your social following with the mobile Advent Calendar. Most importantly, over 50% of social media usage happens on mobile devices, therefore, we build responsive and engaging experiences. As a result, our Advent Calendar is optimized for all mobile devices and your customers can enjoy the experiences on any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

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Create your Calendar with an individual URL. Select the number of days and define the order of the days. Choose options like a CRM integration, multilingual experiences and insert unique codes.


Generate prizes for each day and upload pictures. In addition, select email templates for each day and assign voucher codes to prizes. Create prize rules and define when certain prizes are won.


Select your unique form components to collect data. Add interactive effects and special effects. Choose between different Calendar layouts. Upload pictures for the doors and the background.


Finalise your Advent Calendar by entering your custom analytics script to track your experience. At last, publish your Advent Calendar integrated into your website and/or on your Facebook page.

Reward your customers


Festive Messages


Festive Recipes

Drive Engagement

  • Increased conversion
  • 60% opt-ins on average
  • 70% of visitors participate repeatedly
  • customers return more than 5 times
  • Auto-complete email entries
  • API email verification
  • Single/double email entry

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