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7 ways for an efecctive CTA button

The main goal of email marketing is to trigger an action from the recipient. As such, one of the most, if not the most, important element of your email is your Call to Action button (CTA). These buttons are used in your website and on your landing page to guide users towards your goal conversion. CTA buttons can vary in style and size depending on your goal conversion and website style.  Here are 7 examples to improve your conversion and get the most clicks out of your beautiful buttons.

1. One CTA button

Keep your CTA´s to a minimum. Ideally, with good customer data and a good segmentation, you should have only one CTA in your email, which should be focused on what you would like your audience to do. The more focused your message and your message and your Call to Action, the higher your conversion will be.


2. Button visibility

Make sure your CTA buttons stand out from all the clutter in your email. You often see CTA’s embedded into an image. That’s fine, but only if the image is not busy and the button stands out. Ideally, you should have your button separate from your image. For even better visibility, make your CTA buttons are big, but not so big as to overwhelm your email design.

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3. Button location

Readers are lazy to scroll down if possible try to keep your CTA button above the fold.

CTA Button (1)

4. Button text

Be very descriptive and tell your audience what will happen when they click on your button. While you often hear that action-oriented text is the way to go, at Emocial we found that on several occasions, depending on the subject matter of the email or target audience, a simple “More information” or “Click here” can steal the show.CTA Button (2)

Also, try adding some extra information to your button text.

Banner Button 6

Testing button text is a low hanging fruit. Many marketers are stuck with certain design elements like colors that can’t differ from the corporate brand guidelines colors. So the easiest thing to do is to try several CTA button text options.

5. Button colors

Test different button colors. There isn’t one best button color, it all depends on several factors: the button text color, the other images in your email, the email background color, the mood of your audience at that moment in time, or even the weather.

6. Button Shapes

Occasionally you can surprise your audience by using shapes they are not used to seeing in your email.


7. Button graphics

Try adding a graphic element in or around your button to make it stand out even more. A simple “click here” or “it’s free” softens the CTA by adding a human touch to it.


Use one of these 7 ways which we have shown you in this post and probably your business will get more conversion until now in your next email marketing campaign.

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