Boost engagement, drive loyalty and maximise lifetime value

Collect actionable data and drive conversions from interactive experiences with our all-in-one platform

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Create interactive digital marketing experiences that collect ZERO-party data



Boost customer engagement with interactive experiences and drive loyalty with self reported data.
Interactive experiences can be published within hours, instead of weeks.


Surprise & delight audiences effortlessly, with zero coding skills. Choose from a catalog of  pre-configured interactive modules or create a bespoke experiences to drive engagement and loyalty while capturing customer data on any device. 


The possibilities are endless with Odicci’s custom builder. Our platform lets you manage all of your interactive marketing campaigns in one place while customising each aspect of your campaign – from the layout, to prizes and notifications. 


Deliver campaigns across multiple channels, online or offline, and publish on your website though an iFrame, pop-up, or banner ad, integrate with social media accounts, or interact with customers through an in-store experience.


Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs, slice and dice data with filters and download results with a variety of export options. Get the most out of your data and act faster. 


Odicci has secure API integrations with CRM and eCommerce platforms to allow the optimization of data in real time and in compliance with GDPR regulations.


We care a lot about data. Therefore, it’s important to us to make it easy for you to comply with the GDPR regulations in ODICCI. 



Choose from an extensive library of modules: reveal marketing, interactive games, quizzes, forms, competitions, surveys, ratings, forms, refer-a-friend, instant win, etc. 

Keep participants engaged with your brand with 12 or 24 day Advent Calendars. Customers can reveal a new prize or receive custom content during the customized time period. This can be easily combined with some of our other features: scratch , slide peel or tap to reveal, giftbox, letter, and more!

Reveal marketing leverages your customer’s curiosity to drive engagement. Odicci’s tap to reveal module is a fun way to reward customers while capturing data to boost your CRM database. Simply tap the branded image to instantly dicsover if you’ve won! 

This addicting game will have audiences hooked! Pinball delivered incredible engagement for some of our customers with the average person playing 3-4x. Completely customizable; how many times a customer can play, the leader board for top scorers, and what type of prizes are won and when.